‘A Pakatan RCI will include punishment’

(Daily Express) – Only a Royal Commission of Inquiry set up by the Pakatan Rakyat if it takes over Putrajaya can ensure Sabahans wishes that the perpetrators of “Project IC” be brought to justice.

“Only when established by Pakatan Rakyat will it be comprehensive in nature,” said DAP Sabah Secretary Dr Edwin Bosi.

As far as DAP Sabah is concerned the RCI is only good on paper and at best as a window dressing, he said.

“Pairin has said that he expects this ‘mother of all problems’ to be resolved by 2012. It is, therefore, not surprising to see the government’s interest in establishing the RCI on illegal immigrant this year.”

“To this, Pairin stated that PBS’ confidence in the BN leadership will increase when the RCI is implemented,” he said. “Pairin and PBS should take the cue from former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad when he supported the surge in population in Sabah,” he said.

Dr Edwin said on hindsight DAP Sabah felt that PBS could have been a major player in Pakatan Rakyat if it did not re-join the BN in 2002.

“Had the PBS leaders remained resilient and committed to its struggle the party would have helped Pakatan Rakyat form the Federal Government.”

“The issue of illegal immigrants and oil royalty in Sabah could then have been settled amicably,” he said.

Nevertheless, DAP Sabah believed that PBS had not missed the boat.

“The changing political scenario, the chorus for change and coupled with the withdrawal of MP Datuk Wilfred Bumburing and MP Datuk Lajim Ukin from BN should trigger some soul searching in Pairin and PBS.”

“We wish to remind Pairin that Umno, which undemocratically removed him and his party (PBS) in 1994 is now depending on him to help hold on to power.”

“The moment has arrived where Pairin and PBS can now make a difference.”

“We hope Pairin and PBS will study in detail the statement by Tun Dr Mahathir on the illegal immigrants in Sabah.”

We can say to Pairin and PBS that the ball is now at their feet,” he said.