Of Illuminatis and Jewish Conspiracy

” …know thyself
know thine enemies
a hundred battles
a hundred victories …”


Dr Azly Rahman

Muslims …
must your shortcomings be translated as 

the work of the Illuminati?
a jewish conspiracy?
should you now engage in the study of philosophy
though the word itself may scare you till eternity … ?
wake up, wake up
to the signs and symbols of ambivalency
some have meaning, some of them lost through history
” …know thyself
know thine enemies
a hundred battles
a hundred victories …”
say the warrior-sage sun tzi
all knowledge is the self’s bounty
to be harvested and fed to the poor and hungry
paralyze thyself not with the fear of illuminati
and of jewish conspiracy
and the non-believers who too believe in the power of the self and its divine beauty
wake up and smell thine’s cognitive faculty
and see if thine brain cells need to grow with the help
of others’ cultural philosophies
break free
from the chains of culture
and structures that give birth to vultures
the inner demons mara
dance in joy as you live this samsara
there is no illuminati
nor jewish conspiracy
nor a gameplan of non-believers aplenty
and you
yourself know this
that the greatest enemy of the self
is the self hiding in the abyss of your thinking faculty
i leave you with a note of sincerity:
may your ramadan be not of a ramallah …
but of peace, wisdom
and the will to be at peace with your enemies
— those you have conjured as imagined communities …
lurking in every corner
of your ill-constructed reality

DR AZLY RAHMAN, who was born in Singapore and grew up in Johor Baru, holds a Columbia University (New York) doctorate in International Education Development and Master’s degrees in the fields of Education, International Affairs, Peace Studies and Communication. He has taught more than 40 courses in six different departments and has written more than 300 analyses on Malaysia. His teaching experience spans Malaysia and the United States, over a wide range of subjects from elementary to graduate education. He currently resides in the United States.