Pas: Karpal wrong on us giving up hudud

(NST) – A Pas Syura council member has told DAP chairman Karpal Singh that he got it wrong about Pas abandoning its aspirations to implement hudud in the country.

Datuk Dr Mahfodz Mohamed, who is also Johor Pas commissioner, said having Islamic laws and setting up an Islamic state were high on Pas’ agenda.

“Although it was decided during the last (Pas) muktamar that the party will now carry on with its welfare state manifesto, Karpal should remember what Pas is all about and what we stand for.

“But at the same time we do not want to shock people as we also respect their needs and beliefs. We can always talk and discuss for the betterment of our alliance.”

Mahfodz was commenting on a statement by Karpal who on Sunday claimed that Pas had abandoned its aim of setting up an Islamic state as part of a compromise with its DAP and Parti Keadilan Rakyat allies.

“True to my call to Pas at its muktamar last year, the party decided to abandon its avowed aims to set up an Islamic state and decided to give expression to the provision in the Quran which provided for a welfare state,” said Karpal.

Karpal had said that while urging Pas to stop its “lower-ranking” members from making statements which could jeopardise their alliance’s chances in the coming general election.

This followed a statement made during a debate by Pas Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi who suggested that Karpal, being a known staunch anti-hudud proponent, had relented and was willing to discuss the possibility of its implementation after Pas and DAP had entered into an alliance together with PKR.

Commenting on the strongly- worded denial by Karpal to Nasrudin’s suggestion, Mahfodz said the DAP veteran should not be scared of the mere mention of hudud by Pas leaders.

“Everything could be solved through proper discussions among Pakatan Rakyat allies and there was no need for any kind of altercation as the 13th general election was just around the corner,” he said.

As to Karpal calling Nasrudin a minor official, Mahfodz had this to say: “Ini bukan soal orang kecil atau orang besar (This has nothing to do with being a minor official or otherwise). This is Pas. Once again, Karpal should not be worried or scared.”

Mahfodz said people should not confine their understanding of Islam within hudud laws alone.

Hudud is a term used in the Islamic Syariah to describe the class of punishments for certain crimes such as theft, fornication and adultery, consumption of alcohol and other intoxicants and apostasy.