More than 1 way to skin a Chinaman


Dear Diary,

Arsehole won’t let me demonize the Chinese. Told him that would be the most effective way to unite the Malays, frighten the hell out of the Heartland with images of the Yellow Peril and their avaricious grabbing intent, unite the race under the banner.

So friend, time’s running out fast, we must do something, doing nothing is not an option, as we have not only lost the Chinese votes but will also the Malay votes.

MIC assured us they have recovered 80% of their base supporters. No guarantee but hey man, on this area, MIC is probably more reliable than MCA or Gerakan.

And those useless MCA and Gerakan people are upset, saying we’re undermining them ….. which incidentally we are hehehe, tough baby, every manjack and cow for himself (itself).

Don’t they realize every warlord there is in UMNO is frantically manoeuvring to be nominated and selected as an election candidate, and each one of them knows the quickest way up the ladder, most effective way to warm the cockles of the grass roots is to use our fave punching bag, those damned Chinese. So, mana boleh not to demonize Ah Chong.

Euphemism, disguise, mask – WTF are you talking about?


I see – don’t use the word ‘Chinese’, use instead ‘Communist’ – and Heartland will straightaway associate communists with Chinese, so serves same purpose of marshalling them beneath the good old keris-ed banner to withstand the coming siege of the Yellow Peril.

Okay, okay … but wait, there’s no more communist in the world except Castro, …

… and that old man has even admitted that Karl Marx was a bloody dreamer who didn’t understand human nature, his selfishness, greed, self-centred ambitions, so communal socialism was dead from Day 1.

Karl Marx

What about North Korea? Those guys there ain’t no communists. They’re nut cases, at best fascists, well fed at the top, starving below, it’s a wonder the top brass women don’t have big tits and slim hips.

Ooops, wrong photo, please see below

And those Chicoms* have become what they were/are/will be good at, capitalism. For the last 5,000 years except for a 25 year hiatus.