Pak Samad warns of post-election rally

(Harakah) – Bersih 2.0 co-chairman A Samad Said has warned of a much bigger rally than previous Bersih protests if Barisan Nasional wins the next general election by fraud in cahoots with the Election Commission.

As such, Pak Samad (pic) repeated Bersih 2.0’s call for the government to implement all its eight demands.

“That’s the only way,” he said when asked about a BN victory at the coming polls.

Bersih is among others calling on EC for a total reform of the controversial postal votes, the use of indelible ink and a minimum campaign period of 21 days. It also wants a freer broadcast media, reform of public institutions including the police and Attorney General’s Chambers, eradication of corruption and vote buying practices, and a stop to “gutter politics”.

Pak Samad said although the parliamentary select committee for electoral reforms supported seven of the eight demands, the EC has only approved the use of the indelible ink on voters.

“If the proposal submitted by PSC to parliament is ignored, people would be left with the option of taking to the streets to air their frustration,” he added.