Shuhaimi to sue opposition news portal Malaysiakini

FRACTIOUS: PKR official who wanted Faekah Hussin sacked is now the subject of fresh allegations

(NST) – THE ongoing infighting among leaders of Selangor Parti Keadilan Rakyat took a dramatic twist yesterday with one of them claiming to be a victim of a “political revenge” and threatening to sue an opposition-friendly news portal.State PKR information chief Shuhaimi Shafie said he would sue Malaysiakini for its report which linked him to a controversy over the alleged irregular procurement of a state government-sponsored carnival.

The online portal had reported that a company, owned by Selangor PKR publicity secretary Irwan Hidayat Abd Rahim, 30, which it described as an assistant of Shuhaimi, had submitted a RM356,000 bill, the highest among all suppliers for the carnival organised by the Selangor government to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Selangor being governed by PKR and its allies.

“Irwan is not my assistant,” said Suhaimi. “I have been linked to this maliciously and on purpose. If there are those who are unhappy with me, please come to me professionally. Do not link me to this deal just because we work together in Selangor PKR.”

The Sri Muda assemblyman was recently in the news for openly urging Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim to take action against his political secretary, Faekah Hussin, for allegedly issuing a prohibited support letter for her relative’s company.

“If he (Irwan) participates, it is in his business capacity and has nothing to do with me. It is obvious that this is motivated by political revenge,” he said, adding that he did not sit in the carnival organising committee as reported.

“I am not involved at all in the programme and the officer involved is not my assistant. I will sue Malaysiakini if they do not amend the report.”

Shuhaimi did not rule out the possibility that the attack could be related to his criticism of Faekah.

He had repeatedly urged the menteri besar to take action against Faekah as swift action had previously been taken in cases where state officials’ family members were involved in state-linked transactions.

The Malaysiakini report had also stated that an internal audit observation by the state treasury had unearthed various irregularities in the procurement of services and products for the event, prompting the state to withhold payments to suppliers.

According to the report, RM1,118,216 worth of procurement from 15 suppliers, except one with the Kuala Selangor local council, did not comply with the state’s financial rules and Irwan’s company, Idea Tank Sdn Bhd, had submitted the highest claims among 14 private companies.

Carnival coordinator, state executive councillor in charge of local councils Ronnie Liu, when contacted yesterday, denied any irregularities in the procurement for the carnival.

“There was no irregularity. The (Malaysiakini’s) report was wrong.”

Irwan could not be contacted for comment.