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So that is why DAP RISE ! They will attack and complaint that WHAT OTHERS CANNOT DO OR SPEAK OUT and yet at the same time THEY THEMSELVES CAN NEVER DO IT FOR THE THINGS THAT THEY CLAIM OTHERS CANT !

Shen Yee Aun

My reply to an article in Free Malaysia Today –

MCA Trying to Convince UMNO ?

MCA was never there to convince UMNO that they are a force to be reckoned with . There nothing to prove to UMNO as the stronger MCA get the better it will be for Barisan Nasional and UMNO. So even if what the writer accused of MCA is true then is just shows that MCA had never slack and continue working hard to recover from their last round massive political injury.

MCA Running out of Members ?

Running out of members should be be the main indication for the strength of any political party. If running out of members should be an issue then there are a lot of members and even leaders had quit abandon PKR and also DAP since Mac 2008 until today. The ratio of members getting out from PKR is way much more than those who leave MCA. But what that happen in any component party in Pakatan Rakyat they will claim that is auto cleansing but what that happen to any political party in Barisan Nasional then they will claim that the party had been weaken. Even that MCA membership is way much more than the entire membership of PKR and DAP . So should membership should be an issue ?

Chinese Embarrassed to be Associated with MCA ?

Then the writer go on claiming that many Chinese are embarrassed to be associated with MCA but at the same time the writer also neglected the fact that whenever they are problems related to scholarship and education there will be thousands of Malaysian Chinese who will still turn to MCA for their help. When they are problems that related to the community issue there are still many Malaysian Chinese who will turn up to MCA Michael Choong for help. When they are problems in each division there are still easily thousands of Chinese who will go to MCA service center to seek for help. Moreover in speaking for the people in each division may be the specialization of Pakatan Rakyat component party in most division but in helping and solving all the local issues people still goes back to MCA and MCA got the most service center in entire Malaysia even were to compare to all the component party both from Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat.

In reality the Chinese still goes to MCA whenever they needed help and the allegations that many Chinese are embarrassed and associated with MCA are those category of Chinese that buy all the gutter politics , manipulation and deception that DAP and Pakatan Rakyat had succeed to brain wash and cheat them that MCA is selling out and betraying the Chinese. Those are the Chinese who just entirely look at MCA flaws while denying entirely all the contributions and strength of MCA towards the community and nation . This category of Chinese are the Chinese that buy the politics of hate , manipulation and fear from DAP and Pakatan Rakyat against MCA.

MCA Attempted to Convince BN That They Are They Champion for the Chinese ?

MCA never attempted to convince BN that they are still the Champion of the Chinese because it is the truth and facts of reality where MCA are the Champion for the Chinese community in BN because MCA is the one and only legalized and registered Chinese political party in Malaysia and the membership of the Chinese are the most compare to any other political party in Malaysia even were to compare to DAP.

So the question of MCA will pull through or collapse like a pack of cards, dragging BN along with it should no longer be an issue anymore because is already proven even Mac 2008 BN was hit with Tsunami MCA are still the 2nd strongest and largest force in BN after UMNO. MCA had won way much more seats comparing to other political party in BN other than UMNO.

MCA had not Take Affirmative Action to Address the Downward Slide ?

The writer further claim that even though it is the second most powerful party in the BN coalition, today it is a shadow of its former glory and yet MCA will not recognise the fact, or take affirmative action to address the downward slide. In this case the writer had never deny the reality and truth of MCA past glory and that just indicates that the writer already admit MCA contribution to the community and nation building. Contradiction happen when earlier the writer claim that MCA is trying so hard , MCA is trying to show or prove, MCA is attempted to this and that and now he claim that MCA never that any affirmative action to address the downward slide of the political party. So I wonder which of the accusations of the writer is true?

PKFZ Issue ?

PKFZ in reality should no longer be a big issue because MCA former President is already charged in court and the case in still on going. That already shows that the government had transform where in the past political leaders to have immunity towards corruption but today even a former President of longest serving MCA can be charged to the court. I dont think Pakatan Rakyat even have that political courage to charge or take action against any of their corrupted political leaders .

MCA Internal Politics ?

Internal politics do happen everywhere but at least this round internal politics is the least if were to compare to MCA past. Even the last party congress under the new leadership of Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek first time in MCA congress after so many years that not even a single party internal dispute was brought up. The writer must not deny the facts that after Pakatan Rakyat coming into power Pakatan Rakyat internal battle within themselves is getting worst day after day. As in Selangor itself we can see how the PKR 2 giants split badly and even a small division like Klang DAP is break into 4 different fractions. Even until today they still fail to discuss or finalize the seats allocations among and within themselves.

DAP Subtle Poisoning Towards MCA ?

So the only option leave is that what the writer ask in his article Is it the subtle poisoning of the DAP will be one of the main answer for his question regarding MCA problems. DAP had strongly accused and attack MCA for all the things that they themselves can never do or deliver. A small example like MCA had not build or done enough for the Chinese Education and yet DAP themselves cannot answer to a simple question of how many Chinese school that they will actually build. I hope that the Chinese that is being blinded by DAP political assassination will start to be awaken by this facts where is DAP still the hero of the community where they only can challenge people to do things that they themselves do not have the answer for it ? Are they qualify to question people who had build hundred to thousands and they have come out with none?

MCA Last Bastion ?

In politics there no such thing as last bastion of power because politics is so intangible where people must not forget where PKR only won less than 5 parliamentary seats and DAP was as low as 12 seats before they eventually rise up to power again. Nobody is going to be in power in politics forever. There always up and down. MCA will surely bounce back like how both DAP and PKR fall in the past to where they are today but one thing for sure MCA will never die.

MCA Run by A Group of Power Brokers out to Fleece the Country ?

The issue of them think the MCA are run by a group of power brokers out to fleece the country at their expense is the biggest accusations among all the other accusations that the writer had wrote. The one that is trying to sell our country is no other that Pakatan Rakyat Ketua Umum Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who in the past willing to bow to IMF during 1998 financial crisis and even the moment he was released out from jail he seek help from NDI ( an international Jewish organization ) to fund BERSIH 1.0 , 2.0 and 3.0 to create destabilize the community and the nation. NDI are the same organization that funded for the chaos in Rusia , Thailand , Indonesia , Egpyt , Arab Spring and list of the country around the world. Even the think tank of PKR ( IKD ) is funded by CDU ( a political party in German ). I should challenged the writer to do a deep research about all those that I had exposed and write an article out of it who are the real culprit are the one again and again trying to sell Malaysia out to foreign power.

MCA Should Speak out For The Chinese Community ?

The writer claim that MCA should speak out for the Chinese and yet whenever MCA speak out for the Chinese the opposition will take such opportunity to label MCA as the Chinese Racist political party but when MCA is not vocal about the Chinese issue then there will be individual like the writer who claim that MCA have not spoken for the Chinese. But most important factor among all is not about speaking but is more about doing , working and delivering to the community. A list of MCA new deal under MCA current President Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek is already a great example of MCA is unlike DAP to just emphasize of political of speaking but MCA is proudly to say a political party that emphasize on POLITICAL EXECUTION AND DELIVERING.

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