“Shut down all massage parlors in Malaysia”

(Malaysian Digest) – Selangor exco member Ronnie Liu has challenged the authorities to shut down all massage parlors in the country if they think that the establishments are the major reason behind the proliferation of vice activities.

Liu, who is state Local Government, Research and Study Committee chairman, said the proliferation of such establishments, including entertainment centers and budget hotels, isn’t the main reason for rampant vice activities in Selangor.

He said enforcement by local authorities was more important in tackling vice.

“If you think it is a wise move, then I challenge you to shut down all massage parlors in the country,” he said in the state assembly sitting today.

Liu was responding to a supplementary question from Datuk Warno Dogol (BN-Sabak) on action taken against massage parlors, following complaints about men frequenting massage parlors in Sabak Bernam, with some resulting in divorce.

He explained that massage parlors were approved as beauty and health centers under the local council by-laws and is subject to approval from other agencies such as the Fire and Rescue Services Department and the district Health Department.

He said there are currently 571 registered massage parlors and 775 entertainment centers in Selangor.

He questioned why the proliferation of massage parlors in Johor Baru wasn’t questioned, but Selangor was instead placed under the microscope.

“There are more than 70 massage parlors in Johor Baru alone, but this doesn’t get widespread negative coverage,” he said.

Liu said, on Selangor’s part, the local councils regularly conduct joint-operations against unlicensed massage parlors, and stressed that action was taken against those who breach the law.

Liu, however, was unable to provide any statistics on enforcement action taken against massage parlors in Selangor.