Dosa Cina dan India kepada Malaysia

Actually, it is the Chinese and Indians who are to be blamed. They are the real traitors. Malaysia could have been saved a long time ago if not because of the Chinese and Indians. And now, cakap banyak! What a load of bullshit these Chinese and Indians. They know they are to be blamed but they pretend as if they are innocent victims of Umno’s injustice.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

I am not sure whether I want to write my ‘normal’ (meaning cheong hei) article today. Maybe I should write a short article and allow you time to read the special report by the United States regarding racism in Malaysia (READ HERE: Anyway, let me start writing and see where I end up.

There are many reports, today and yesterday, which all have a tint of racism in them, including that item on Lim Guan Eng being harassed by those Perkasa chaps in Penang. We are very quick to jump at the Umno chaps, or the ‘Umno-sponsored’ chaps like those Perkasa thugs, but we fail to see that we too (meaning the opposition supporters) are no lesser racist in our actions and words. I mean; can we get by even just one day without you who post comments in Malaysia Today not using words like Mamak or refrain from Malay bashing?

I know Umno is Malay. Umno makes no bones about the fact that it is Malay. Does not the ‘M’ in the Umno name stand for ‘Malay’? Umno declares that it is a Malay party. It does not hide the fact that it fights for the Malays. Umno openly propagates Malay nationalism or Ketuanan Melayu. But when we whack Mamaks or vilify the Malays then we are also hitting out at the non-Umno Malays who, just like you, may not support Umno or may even, just like you, hate everything that Umno stands for.

It is the same when you whack the royalty. I know for a fact that more than half the members of the royal family support the opposition cause. I repeat, they support ‘the opposition cause’, which may not necessarily mean they are happy with the opposition state governments. Some may not be happy with the way the opposition state governments of Pakatan Rakyat do things. They may detect some ‘Umno culture’ within the opposition as well (such as cronyism, nepotism, favouritism, etc.). And they may even be critical of the opposition because of this. But this does not mean that they are critical of the opposition because they support the government. It just means they hate the Umno culture and do not like it when they see this same culture being perpetuated in the opposition.

So be careful with what you say and do. When you whack those you perceive as your enemy you may actually be unwittingly whacking your friends as well. When you whack all royalty you are hitting at more than 50% of the members of the royal family who support the opposition cause. And when you whack the Malays because you are angry with Umno, you are also hitting at the 49% Malay voters who voted for the opposition in the last general election.

I admit that I am one of those Malays (who is also a member of the royal family) who has become tawar hati with the opposition. I still support the opposition cause. If not I would not have published that special report I mentioned above. But while I am still gung ho about the opposition cause, I am no longer gung ho about the opposition like I used to be for 30 years from 1978 to 2008. Since the 2008 general election, I have begun to see the dark side of the opposition supporters. And I no longer feel the same way about the opposition like I did for 30 years from 1978 to 2008.

As I said in an earlier article a few days ago, yes, I have turned. I have turned from being a die-hard opposition supporter to becoming a critical opposition supporter. As this point of time I am still an opposition supporter. But I am a different type of opposition supporter now. Now, I am an opposition supporter who has become slighted by the actions and words of the other opposition supporters and I now feel alienated.

So, yes, I used to be on the left. In fact, I could even be said to be more socialist than royalist. If not, would I have spoken out in support of Nizar Jamaluddin and told him to defy the Sultan of Perak at the cost of antagonising my own family? But I am not so leftist at the moment. This does not mean I have swung to the extreme right though. It just means that I am now more middle ground and lesser leftist because the left appears to be too extreme and a mere reverse side of the coin called Umno.

Are the Malays, Muslims and royals really to be blamed for all the ills facing Malaysia? Why are the Malays, Muslims and royals being vilified for the country going to the dogs? Is it really their fault? Is Umno solely to blame for everything that is wrong with the country?

You may think that Umno is to be blamed. I would not say that Umno must take the blame. But I would admit that Umno must share the blame, though not take the sole blame. Hence, if Umno is to share the blame, then who are the other parties that must also share the blame?

Out of the 222 seats in Parliament, how many are Umno seats? Based on the number of Umno seats in Parliament, can Umno form the government? Umno is merely a partner in the federal government, albeit the lead partner. And when things go wrong we must look at the other partners as well. The Chinese, Indians, and the other non-Malay/non-Muslim minorities from East Malaysia are as much to blame as Umno is about the state of affairs in the country.

The opposition supporters, in particular the Chinese supporters, are talking as if the Malays, Muslims, royalty, Umno members, etc., are solely responsible for what ails Malaysia. And they speak with much venom in their words. They have forgotten that 22 years ago, back in 1990, the Malays were already voting opposition while the Chinese, Indians and minorities of East Malaysia were still voting Barisan Nasional. It is only of late, four years ago in 2008, that the Chinese and Indians (not yet the minorities of East Malaysia) started voting opposition. But they talk as if the fight for change was a purely Chinese and Indian effort since the beginning of time.

The Chinese and Indians are Johnny-come-lately. Terengganu and Kelantan have been under opposition governments since around the time of Merdeka. Since Merdeka, the Malays have been divided into Umno and PAS. Even Gerakan, which won Penang as an opposition party in 1969, joined the ruling coalition. And were the Chinese angry? Did the Chinese kick Gerakan out in the following election? For almost 40 years the Chinese continued to vote for Gerakan in spite of the fact that it sold out the voters and joined the ruling government. It took almost 40 years for the Chinese to eventually wake up and kick Gerakan out. And now, after 40 years of sleeping, the Chinese wake up and talk so much, as if the opposition cause is entirely a Chinese effort.

Baru satu pilehanraya and talk so much. Talk so much as if the whole country is being saved by the Chinese. The truth is, the country is in a mess because of the Chinese. It is the Chinese who are to be blamed for what is happening. If it were up to the Malays, Umno would have been kicked out a long time ago. But because of the Chinese and Indians, the Malays were not able to kick Umno out.

Actually, it is the Chinese and Indians who are to be blamed. They are the real traitors. Malaysia could have been saved a long time ago if not because of the Chinese and Indians. And now, cakap banyak! What a load of bullshit these Chinese and Indians. They know they are to be blamed but they pretend as if they are innocent victims of Umno’s injustice. I don’t mind if Umno wins the next election just so that the Chinese and Indians can face a few more years of punishment for the sins they have committed in keeping Umno in power for so long.