Chinese King Makers?

Where once he could, with a snap of his fingers, ensure Mukhriz’s position as that State’s next MB, he now realizes he has to work hard, very hard.

KTemoc Konsiders

As GE-13 approaches, guess which UMNO person is the most worried man on earth, or at least has shown stress through all too frequent public statements?

No, it’s not Najib, nor Zahid Hamidi, nor KJ, nor Muhyiddin, nor Hishamuddin, where perhaps the last two are far too thick to know their fate, thus may not worry at all wakakaka, though I heard Hisham has been advised to move from  his current federal constituency of Sembrong where 40% of the voters are Chinese.

Politically accident-prone, the Home Minister has a natural talent in offending the Chinese and Indians, so even thick-skull him would have realized by now that the Chinese and Indians won’t be too fond of him. And he has correctly assessed, no, more probably advised (as he is far too stupid to think for himself), that he’ll be stuffed in Sembrong in the next general election – for more, read The Malaysian Insider’s (TMI)’s In Johor, Chinese set to snub BN in polls.

The most worried UMNO person is Dr Mahathir who has in the last few days become more and more strident, making TMI headlines in a fashion not unlike the repetitive shouting of a Star newspaper boy selling early morning editions in market places or road junctions (like kaytee did aeons ago in good olde Penang, wakakaka).

The following have been credited to him:

(1) Dr M: GE13 will be about race

And we should ask him why after 52 years of Independence, our every day lives, thoughts and especially politics have been about race, bearing in mind he was PM during a hefty half of those 52 years. We should also ask him what have been his contributions towards such a race-conscious Malaysian society.

(2) Chinese voters are kingmakers for GE13, says Dr M

As I posted in Ah Jib Gor and the Casuarina Tree 3 weeks ago, Chinese Malaysians have found themselves in an undesired political situation where they could possibly play the role of ‘king makers’ in the next general election.

‘Undesired political position’, that’s right!

Most Chinese Malaysians (with exceptions of some younger ones) prefer to stay out of the spotlight, not so much to carma (cari makan – they leave that to MCA and Gerakan politicians wakakaka) but to seek an independent and unimpeded living with the minimum of government interference.

The Chinese would probably appeal:

“Leave us alone to conduct our business and seek high quality education for our children – just do not impose more and more barriers, impediments and unjust quotas to restrict our business practice and educational pursuit.”

But alas, every political party, especially PAS, UMNO and PKR are hopefully investing in the Chinese political blue chips because their voting power (despite the gerrymandering and their only 30-ish% presence in most mixed constituencies) will be quite significant and perhaps even crucial in 60 to 70 federal constituencies, making them into The Reluctant Ones, who will be deeply hated by the losing side wakakaka.

Probably the only party which doesn’t give two sh*ts about Chinese support is HRP because they know they won’t get it, wakakaka. These HRP guys dream of whacking Dr Jeya in Sungai Siput and Dr Rama in Batu Kawan, reminding me of the Indian story of the 3 baskets of crabs wakakaka. 

But poor Dr Mahathir is not only worried about the coming voting landscape but deeply resents it. If there is one thing that deeply offends and annoys Dr Mahathir, it’s the thought of Chinese being in a superior position to Malays in any field or in a situation where they (the Chinese) can affect the political outcome for Malays, particularly UMNO.
After years of observation of him, his statements, actions, etc, I suspect he just can’t stand the very picture of, say, more Chinese millionaires than Malay ones, more Chinese doctors, engineers, dentists, graduates, you-name-it than Malay equivalents, so on so forth.

I’m not so sure whether one could call him a racist, when we consider his feelings (if we step into his shoes) have been that Malays, being the majority in their own country called Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, should rightfully (in terms of numbers and heritage) be the majority in each and every Malaysian sectors of ownership or profession.

Thus if there are 3 Chinese millionaires (and he is not against them per se), then there must be 6 to 7 Malay millionaires, and with that attitude or belief carried as a grievance on his shoulders like two humongous chips, he had thus set his policies when he was PM. I believe he is still very emotionally governed by this belief.

Mind, he is not so concerned about the ethnic percentages in the civil service, police, armed forces and several hallowed departments.

Yet, king makers or not, Dr Mahathir had on a number of occasions admitted it was Chinese support which got him over the line in 1999, though he has now somehow twisted this admittance by asserting that the 1999 support, where Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh lost their seats, was because the Chinese, in not voting for their own people (like Karpal Singh, yes, Bhai’s real name is Kar Pah Sing) had believed they would benefit in doing so, that was, abandoning their own people like dear old Bhai.

Bloody avaricious Chinese, unlike those who didn’t vote UMNO in 1999 and 2008, wakakaka.

Mind you, all this while I had thought the 1999 Chinese abandonment of DAP was due to bloody stupid arrogant PAS who frightened the shit out of them, and which in turn resulted in DAP copping it sweet because of the latter’s association with the blood-red Moon through the stupid Barisan Alternatif of 1999.

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