Senator Ramakrishnan: Answer 3 Questions 

By Velayutham Krishnan

YB Senator Ramakrishnan,

You have rightly called MIC Youth irrelevant in your article below. You write wonderful long essays arguing your political masters in PAS’ and DAP’s points of view. Can you publicly answer the following questions without resorting to rhetorical obfuscation and argumentative gymnastics? If you cannot make a stand for Indians on this, then you are more irrelevant than the MIC.

The Opposition has led us to believe that one of Anwar’s first acts as PM would be to appoint Nik Aziz as Deputy Prime Minister I. The stated and never refuted stand of PAS is to continue to pursue its aims and objectives to realize their ultimate goal of setting up an Islamic State of Malaysia based on the Qur’an and Hadith. To understand what PAS means an Islamic state to be now in the 21st century, a limited glimpse would be Kelantan where men and women have to sit on different public benches, Wayang Kulit is banned and women cannot perform in front of men, to name but a few. Anwar Ibrahim has said that; “For now, in general, in principle, I believe this (Hudud) can be implemented”.
Can all PAKATAN Leaders please tell the Malaysian voter that they will never allow Malaysia to be an Islamic state?
Can PAKATAN Leaders please tell the Malaysian voter that they will never allow Hudud to be implemented in Malaysia?
Can PAKATAN Leaders please tell the Malaysian voter that they will get rid of all Malay special priviliges?
These are just simple YES or NO questions that don’t need you to write one of your long-winded beautiful essays. We know that as a Senator you have a lot of free time but please stop spamming my inbox and do something that will directly benefit the Indian community.
Also, one final thing, when will an Indian ever be elected to a high position in the communal Chinese DAP? Please don’t point to Karpal Singh, he is a statesmen that has been fighting against corruption and abuse all of his life and is not a ‘late bloomer’ like you. I am talking about an Indian leader fighting for Indian issues. Your motherhood statements arguing that Indians don’t need special attention are words of a man who has zero experience of the Indian plight on the ground. Get up from your comfortable chair in Parliament and go and meet your countrymen on the ground.
Thank you YB Senator.
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MIC youth upset with Thaipusam remark of PAS leader
PAS vice president Salahuddin Ayub has denied uttering derogatory words on Thaipusam festival or Hindu religion which MIC youth took offence with (see article below). He had said that mass gathering can be held peacefully without any tear gas to obtain crowd control like Baling demonstration. He said Thaipusam was also chaotic and disruptive but the Police did not use tear gas on Hindus, why should the Police use tear gas on Bersih? Our friends from MIC youth got so upset with this statement that they are demanding apology from Salahuddin Ayub for belittling the religious practice of another religion. Salahuddin had described Thaipusam festival where the devotee walk semi consciously. Maybe what he meant was kavadi carriers walk in trance. Salahudin Ayub met some pakatan Rakyat Indian MPs and explained what he said and meant in Parliament today. I was there too and we felt nothing wrong with what he has said. It is MIC youth which has lost its purpose and relevance trying to redeem itself by politicizing this issue.      
I can’t remember who said what or when they said it but what surprises me is that UMNO has uttered so many derogatory terms many times and I think never once MIC youth got upset. But when Salahuddin Ayub who is PAS Member of Parliament for kubang kerian asked why the Police did not use tear gas on Thaipusam devotees, MIC got so upset. 
MIC and its youth wing have long ago become irrelevant to the rights struggle of Malaysian Indians. They are now the UMNO apologist and the Indian community has forsaken them for good. In fact in many areas the UMNO/MCA elected representative use PPP local branches to have program for Indians. MIC is full of criminals and self centered individuals who are all concerned about what they can get. Indians don’t have any trust (nambikai) on MIC leaders but PM who is trying hard to win the Indian community trust (nambikai) is surrounded by them. Malaysian Indians must not allow race based parties to resonate again to discriminate us. GE 13 must be turning point for Malaysian Indians. BN/MIC is history, PR is the present. Let’s change. It’s now or never.  
Senator S. Ramakrishnan
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MIC wants apology from PAS MP over remark
PETALING JAYA: MIC leaders have demanded that Kubang Kerian MP Salahuddin Ayub apologise for saying that Thaipusam was akin to a street demonstration. MIC Youth chief T. Mohan said Hindus were angry with Salahuddin.
“This clearly shows his shallow mentality in understanding cultural practices of other religions in the country.
“We want him to apologise for hurting the feelings of Hindus,” he said.
Salahuddin, the PAS vice-president, was reported to have made his remarks in Tuesday night’s debate with Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah on “Street demonstrations: Does it build or destroy democracy?”
Salahuddin is also alleged to have said that Hindus carrying kavadi are semi-conscious and yet they do not need tear gas to keep the situation calm.
Mohan said 10 police reports have been lodged against Salahuddin.
He expressed disappointment that Indian leaders in Pakatan Rakyat have yet to make a statement on Salahuddin’s stand.
“They (the Indian leaders) are scared to issue any statement against Pakatan leaders as they are worried about their position,” he said.

Hulu Selangor MP P. Kamalanathan said equating a religious event to a street demonstration was both insulting and hurtful to Hindus.