Maira denies wanted by Interpol, says on family vacation in Europe

(The Malaysian Insider) – The mother of Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s future son-in-law has denied allegations that she is wanted by Interpol, saying that she is currently travelling in Europe on a “long-planned” family vacation.

The New York Post had reported that Maira Nazarbayev’s marriage to Bolat Nazarbayev, brother to Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev was annulled after Bolat found out his wife was allegedly wanted by Interpol for a variety of crimes including kidnapping and extortion.

The US newspaper also claimed that she and her son Daniyar Nazarbayev are being sued by her multi-millionaire husband, another claim which she has denied.

“I am looking forward to my long-planned family summer vacation in Europe. We are all unaware of who is actually behind these absurd claims and accusations which have caused our family unnecessary embarrassment.

“These scandalous allegations are completely untrue and have been made without any substantiation whatsoever,” Maira said today in a statement sent by a New York publicist.

The same publicist provided The Malaysian Insider the latest picture of Maira allegedly taken at the Dubai International Airport.

“Media has falsely reported Interpol rumours — clearly from this picture she is travelling freely in Europe. The Nazarbayev family is planning to spend time with family and loved ones,” the publicist said.

But Maira’s estranged husband has yet to come out to defend her or corroborate her claims.

Maira has maintained that her marriage is still intact, and that her son’s engagement to Prime Minister Najib’s daughter is still on despite the flurry of allegations which has surfaced from court documents filed by her estranged husband in a New York court.