Suaram stands for Suara Anwar Ibrahim


It’s about time that the so called human rights NGO Suaram changes its name.

We suggest Suara Anwar as the new name because that was what this NGO has become.

Suaram has always been anti-Government. Nothing about the government is right, everything is wrong and stupid. Their stand has always been to oppose, oppose, oppose.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because that is what the opposition parties do – oppose.

A news website – NOT Malaysiakini – has exposed Suaram for what it is. It is an NGO stacked with PKR politicians and headed by an ex-DAP MP Kua Kia Soong.

Yet it claims to be an independent body fighting for human rights. What a joke. They should just come out and admit that they are only interested in fighting for Anwar’s right to be PM.

The Suaram website is quite devoid of information about who are on its council because if they do, we might mistake it for the supreme council of PKR.

The PKR politicians who make up Suaram are as follows:

1. Sivarasa Rasiah – PKR MP for Subang and a vocal defender of Anwar Ibrahim when he was caught on video bonking a China Doll. He is too thin skinned to be a politician but the tsunami swept in all kind of trash and that was how he ended up in Parliament. His sister-in-law works for the Penang government, need we say more.

2. Tian Chua – the Cina ah pek who is two screws loose upstairs. The Batu MP and PKR central committee member became famous for trying to do a Tianamen Square in KL by sitting in front of a FRU tank. Now he is trying to do a Tahrir Square but some how people are not so interested in him anymore especially after his Mercedes Benz crashed in Johor, killing a motorcyclist. If it was a BN MP who killed the poor fella, they would have turned it into another Teoh Beng Hock campaign.

3. Elizabeth Wong who became more famous for her private life than her political career. The former hippy who had to undergo drug rehab in Australia when she was a student and whose hobby was to sleep around was also part of the tsunami trash but we don’t mind. Her sexual exploits have made news and entertained us no end. Elizabeth is a PKR assemblywoman and also a central committee member of PKR. She is also a member of the Selangor government.

4. Irene Fernandez – the scary looking activist who makes a lot of noise about foreign workers. For someone in a wheelchair, she makes even more noise than Karpal Singh. Irene has contested several times under the PKR ticket but voters were probably frightened by her vampire looks.

5. Syed Husin Ali – another failed politician who used to be the deputy president of PKR until Azmin Ali kicked him off the stage. He had wanted to contest in Kota Baru under the PKR banner but Nik Aziz said sorry, we have no place for ex communists in our Islamic state. We believe in God unlike you commies.

6. Cynthia Gabriel –the Suaram director has been making the loudest noise about the Scorpene issue and even flew to Bangkok to host a press conference  with a dodgy French lawyer to talk about the subject. Cynthia is a PKR municipal councillor in MPPJ.