PAS Youth questions funding source for RM1.5 mil to each BN MP

(Harakah) – PAS Youth has questioned the source of funding for the RM1.5 million allocation to every Barisan Nasional member of parliament ahead of the coming polls.

The wing’s information chief Riduan Mohd Nor said if the money was from the government, it should not be limited to MPs from BN only.

“Why not similar allocation to Pakatan Rakyat MPs because the voters in their constituencies are also Malaysians who deserve the same benefits?” he asked.

Earlierm, news portal The Malaysian Insider reported that BN MPs would be allocated some RM1.5 million each to service their constituencies.

The news was followed by prime minister Najib Razak’s request for parliament this week to approve an additional RM13.8 billion, mainly for what has been listed under “treasury general services”.

Riduan questioned whether the latest move by Najib was aimed to secure the loyalty from BN MPs amid intense speculation that several BN MPs in Sabah would defect to PR.

“Such news worries Najib and to cool it down, he is willing to dish out RM1.5 million for each BN constituencies,” Riduan added.

Riduan described the move as the BN’s final lifeline.

“Money is the only way to prolong their lifeline for a certain period and they do not bother how much of people’s money will be wasted to ‘protect’ their members and leaders,” he said, adding that BN will face a natural death once it is out of Federal power due to shortage of funds.