‘Beauties dislike indelible ink’


Young girls may abstain from voting to avoid staining their hands and nails, says Kayveas

(The Malay Mail) – PRETTY girls would hate to have their beauty marred by indelible ink when casting their ballots during the upcoming 13th general election, said People’s Progressive Party (PPP) president Datuk Seri M. Kayveas.

Addressing the Federal Territories (FT) PPP convention here yesterday, he said that beautiful young women might not want to cast their votes because of the indelible ink.

“Indelible ink lasts three months. In less developed countries where they do not have a voter registration system based on the identification card, this was used to cast the ballot,” he said.

“Here we have identification cards which can checked against the registration list.

“I don’t think beautiful girls will want the indelible ink to mar their pretty hands or nails. How are they supposed to paint their nails afterwards? They might not even want to meet their boyfriends after voting or they might not even vote.

“Women should rise up and protest against the implementation of indelible ink.”

On another note, Kayveas also said if he were the Election Commission chairman he would call for voting the day after election has been announced.

“The Opposition campaigns 365 days a year. Why do they need an extra 21 days for?”

The convention, held at the Putra World Trade Centre, earlier saw name-calling and vulgarities when PPP FT chairman Datuk A. Chandrakumanan resorted to label Bersih 3.0 as “Bersh*t.”

“Bersh*t has also destroyed the peace and harmony of Malaysian citizens. The Bersh*t chairman said elections in this country was unfair. If this is true how did the Opposition win five states in the last general election?” questioned Chandrakumanan.

He said the Opposition were promoting anarchy and violence among the populace in light of the overturned police car incident during the rally.

“We saw how demonstrators over-turned a police car, set fire on a motorcycle and how they kicked and beat a uniformed policeman.

The Opposition is teaching the rakyat to be violent.

“If the Opposition as Malaysian citizens cannot respect the law how are they going to educate our young? These should not have happened and those responsible must be charged according to law,” he said.

He then called de facto Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim “tidak waras” (insane) over the PTPTN abolition issue.

“It is not a responsible statement as a leader to have instigated students to go against the government,” he said.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as his role of Federal Territories Barisan Nasional chairman also pointed out that the biggest issue plaguing the government at the moment was the issue of “perception”.

“The problem is the issue of perception. There is a gap between reality and perception being brought up by the Opposition. They always raise issues and problems relating to the government, leadership and others regardless whether it is right or wrong, truth or lies.

“It’s because they have good spin doctors. Lies get repeated numerous times and when they used social media (as a propaganda tool) there are segments who were influenced and believed in their lies and slander.

“So, how do we deal with this sort of perception? If we must, we must go down to the ground and take the bull by the horns,” said Muhyiddin, prior to launching the assembly.