An obsession with Anwar

How can anyone commit so many sins in such a short time, and live to tell about it?

Iskandar Dzulkarnain (Free Malaysia Today)

Slowly but surely, the net is closing in on Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim. Utusan Malaysia reported that Anwar was allegedly controlling 20 master accounts managed by his cronies, which involved assets, shares and cash amounting to more than RM3bil during his tenure as the deputy prime minister.

But having Perkasa to head the call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry, only adds suspicion and ridicule to a seemingly ‘serious’ allegation.

Anuar Shaari, a former private secretary to Anwar, has joined the chorus to demand that Anwar explains his involvement.

However, opposition critics have remarked that if he had RM3 billion to spare, he would have fled the country, instead of staying put to face his enemies swarming upon him like vultures, waiting to nail him to the wall, and fighting for the rakyat

Accusations in the past to discredit Anwar, had always fallen flat. Anwar’s uncanny ability to dodge the unending allegations and charges laid against him has gained him a remarkable reputation.

The fact that they couldn’t pin him for corruption and most of these attacks were against his personal character and his alleged sexual misadventures, had many wondering whether he was indeed incorruptible.

The charges never stuck, and he has always managed to emerge from each scandal smelling like a rose. In fact it had made him into a sort of hero.

In the last four years, the excessive media attention on him has turned him into a household name. The ‘overkill’ has led the rakyat to question the government’s over zealousness in its quest to implicate Anwar.

Even BN supporters have learnt to shrug their shoulders at these mindless accusations. How can anyone commit so many sins in such a short time, and live to tell about it? No less than a few hundred reports have been made against the opposition leader.

Sodomy 1.0 brought a shock to the humble, simple rural religious folk and to the men on the streets, but Sodomy 2.0 has only brought about a wide yawn. Many, who once thought that he was guilty of sodomy, are now questioning whether there is any truth in it at all?

Many labels

The sex videos controversy by the ‘Datuk T’ trio sounded so absurd, if not hilarious. It has heightened peoples’ suspicion that there is a conspiracy to annihilate Anwar politically.

Today, everyone is wondering whether the negative reaction towards the LGBT community by the government is in anyway linked to Anwar’s purported bisexuality?

Many of Anwar’s former friends and colleagues have queued in line to accuse and condemn Anwar for his alleged wrongdoings ranging from corruption, mismanagement to his queer sexual preferences, but his reputation is hardly tainted.

In fact his following has increased with most having no qualms against him being the prime minister, should Pakatan Rakyat manages to win the election

He has been labelled one too many things, from a thief, a corrupt, a liar, a homosexual, bisexual, adulterer, a sexual deviant, a spy, an Israeli agent, a radical, a communist, religious fanatic, disloyal to King and country, willing to sell out the Malays, and countless other allegations.

However, none of it was ever proven and he still walks around a free man. The overkill is so obvious that the rakyat cannot help sensing the underlying desperation of the ruling government.

Daily, the rhetoric by BN politicians grows louder, as each politician takes turns to condemn Anwar and Pakatan.

The lame efforts to discredit him continue to fail miserably, and fall apart as fast as they were conjured up. The lack of follow-up has many wondering whether these accusations had any truth in it in the first place.

But what is most disturbing is how can a whole government be so ‘fixated’ upon one man to the point of ‘obsession’? The determination to neutralise Anwar is so obvious, that many are starting to feel sorry for him.

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