The Rakyat’s Convictions were Forged on the Pavement of Injustice


Their convictions were forged on the stone and pavement of injustice.

This is another article by the perceptive Walla. Here, there and everywhere, UMNO is pushing so many panic buttons. In a few days, it will hold a rally of sejuta belia. Yesterday, I wrote of the symbolism behind the behemoth sized posters where Najib is hovering over the masses proclaiming his one million dreams, one thousand happiness. Thats One million input, producing not even 1% whats put in. As usual, 99% is lost during delivery, hijacked most probably by the pirates inhabiting the deep corridors of power. All government measures now are seen clearly as fire-fighting measures designed to hold to power by every unscrupulous means necessary. lets take a few minutes and digest what Walla has to say.- Sakmongkol.

Yellow and red are just colors. By themselves, they carry neither meaning nor context. These properties are instead conveyed by the people who wear them as symbolic of some belief or conviction.
When the rakyat wore yellow and marched in Bersih, they were saying they wanted clean and fair elections. They were saying they have had enough of the flip-flopping double-standard chicaneries of the present government. Coming from all over the land, they had assembled on their own accord, driven by inner concerns about outer grievances layered one after another, for they could clearly see how Umno was skirting away from the real and key election reform demands needed to ensure a clean and fair GE13. And they knew they would be pummeled for their march but yet they came, young and old, tall and short, simple and sophisticated. They wore no armor and carried neither shields nor batons nor stones. Just bottled water to slake their parched throats on a hot but inspiring afternoon.
Their convictions were forged on the stone of injustice.
In fact, the entire world was witness to the first technicolor event of how the rakyat of different races had come together under one sky to remind the Umno government that they to the last man and woman already knew Umno’s transformation is just some shifty pocket-money vote-buying without the clean and fair governance of administration that is the heart of all matters and whose absence has been the root of all ills besetting this nation for the last thirty years.
Next, look at the other side. When Umno members dressed in red were corralled and ferried in style to attend an assembly just like their local chiefs to the Umno GAs, each was merely putting on a show for the next guy in a convention of blinkered, clueless, cowardly and empty-headed zealots. Not a single member had raised the issue of governance or clean and fair elections. They were just putting on a counter-balancing show of numbers while knowing their numbers could never equal those from the general populace.
So if Umno neither commands the voluntary, open-heart and real numbers of the rakyat nor the context and conviction of our society, how can it continue to preside over the conscience and thus the future of this nation?
And that is why when Najib talked about rule of law as necessary to avoid anarchy, the rakyat who know guffawed in disbelief. In the case of Altantuya and the scorpene deal, was there real rule of law, they asked? What about the cowgate and copgate cases, they added? How can there be rule of law in this country of double standards when there is one set of laws for the rakyat including Umno general members, and another set of deflect-&-close-off laws for the Umno elites, they collectively echoed. Which leaves them to conclude that the real anarchists in this country are those currently finding party support, protection and amnesty under the shield of an Umno that has been disfigured beyond any possible recognition until it is only good for one thing – the munafiqation of our Malay race.
After all, how can there be rule of law when those who lead and command put themselves above the law and use it to punish the very people who are fighting and marching for its return? Be assured this question has already been asked by enough people in the PDRM, judiciary and armed forces that have apparently been inducted under the wings of what is supposed to be a transformed government.
So who’re the real anarchists, Najib of Nottingham, anak of Tun Razak?