Ambiga says attempted break-in at office

(The Malaysian Insider) – Datuk Ambiga Sreenavasan reported a possible break-in attempt at her office in Damansara Heights here this morning after a staff member found the security box at the premises dismantled.

But the Bersih co-chair told The Malaysian Insider that it was not immediately certain if anyone had made it into her office as nothing was believed to have been stolen.

“But I am more afraid of people planting things rather than stealing things,” Ambiga (picture) said when contacted. “Still, I do not know if anyone came in.”

She said her staff member, who is lodging a police report on the incident now, had made the discovery at about 8 this morning.

“The security box, where you swipe your card to enter, was completely dismantled,” she said.

Asked if she believed the attempted break-in was linked to the series of anti-Bersih protests outside her home, Ambiga refused to speculate.

“Let me get more information first. We are lodging a report, so let’s get more details before saying anything further,” she said.

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