‘Surendran nailed his own coffin’

MIC Youth claims the photographs disclosed by PKR proved that its vice-president lied about the former trying to attack a 17-year-old student.

(Free Malaysia Today) – MIC Youth has taken PKR vice-president N Surendran to task for misleading the public over the infamous MyKad brawl.

Youth information chief S Subramaniam said the photographs which PKR released last week did not show any attempts to attack 17-year-old student B Reshina, as claimed by Surendran.

“We thank the PKR vice-president for hammering a nail into his own coffin,” he told FMT.

“MIC Youth saw the images disclosed by PKR and there are no images showing MIC Youth members targeting Reshina,” he added.

Prior to the release of the photographs, Surendran had claimed that the images would be “the final nail in MIC’s coffin.”

Calling the PKR vice-president “insane” and a “third-class politician” for making the allegation, Subramaniam said it was the former who had endangered the girl’s future for his political mileage.

“By making a false claim, you put the girl at stake, since she will now be quizzed by the police with regard to the matter. It’s clear that no MIC Youth member tried to attack her,” he added.

On May 2, Surendran had led a PKR delegation to the Prime Minister’s Office to submit a memorandum demanding that Reshina be issued a MyKad.

At the same time, a MIC Youth delegation had gone there to thank the prime minister for issuing MyKads and birth certificates to Malaysian Indians under the My Daftar programme.

However, a scuffle erupted resulting in Puchong PKR division leader S Murali being hospitalised for a broken cheek bone.

PKR had described it as a pre-meditated attack carried out with the blessings of the prime minister while MIC Youth claimed that the former’s delegation hurled obscenities and threw the first punch.

However, the photos revealed last week showed a calm-looking Murali suddenly being attacked by the MIC Youth members.

‘Why the ‘kolaveri’ banner?’

Previously, PKR legal bureau head Latheefa Koya had questioned why MIC Youth brought banners insulting Surendran when they wanted to thank the prime minister.

Responding to this, Subramaniam said the PKR delegation also brandished banners criticising Najib on that day.