Perkasa holds demo outside Guan Eng’s house


(The Star) – Perkasa members demonstrated outside Lim Guan Eng’s home in Pinhorn Road here, saying they are fed-up with the Penang Chief Minister’s attitude in not looking after the welfare of the people.

Lim responded by describing them as ruffians and said it was rude of Perkasa members to demonstrate outside his home.

“I was at an exco meeting when I heard that they were at my house but I feared for my five-year-old son who might be frightened by this group of ruffians if he had been at home.

A mess: Posters criticising Lim strewn in front of his house in Pinhorn Road.

“This is the group of ruffians who were at the Penang Esplanade during the anti-Lynas rally in February when people were beaten up including journalists. If you are unhappy, why disturb my family? Come here to Komtar, I’m here in Komtar. Send your memorandum,” he told a press conference in Komtar yesterday.

On the Perkasa members who put a wreath on his picture, Lim said that it was an uncivilised act.

“It is a symbol of death. Is this a threat from them? If they wish me dead, would they do something? When we have a difference in opinions, we respect their views. We have our own stand. I’m sure all religions do not condone such actions,” he said.

When told by a reporter that Perkasa had wanted to meet with Lim for a long time, Lim said: “Who would want to meet such samseng? It’s not like we want to meet with those who use offensive and vulgar language.”

Some 30 Perkasa members had visited Lim’s house at 10.20am and hung on the main gate his photograph with a flower garland.

Perkasa northeast district chairman Mohd Rizuad Mohd Azudin said the group was fed up with Lim’s attitude.

They later proceeded to Komtar.

At Komtar, the group also placed Lim’s photograph with a flower garland on the ground along with two pots of yellow chrysanthemum on the sides.

Fake flowers were also strewn on the ground.

More posters were also thrown on the ground.

About 30 policemen were on standby at Lim’s house and Komtar.