Nik Aziz should look at fatwa decision comprehensively: Perkasa

(Bernama) – PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat has been urged to comprehensively look at the ruling (fatwa) on the rally on April 28 before making any response.

President of the Pahang non-government organisation, Perkasa, Datuk Dr Abd Wahid Abd Manap said Nik Aziz himself should open both his eyes so that he could see clearly what took place before and after the rally.

He said the gathering had triggered a chaotic situation in the area which also caused untoward injuries.

“Economic activities were also hindered and the area was messed up and dirtied when the rally took place. Is what had been displayed about the rally still not clear?” he told reporters here, today.

He said he was convinced the National Fatwa Council for Islamic Religious Affairs Malaysia had comprehensively seen the rally before banning Muslims from taking part.

What was needed he said, was for Nik Aziz not to merely see the purpose of holding the gathering but to also see the conclusion of the rally which had given a negative impact.

In media reports yesterday, Nik Aziz, through Facebook, said the council was using only one eye when connecting the gathering to chaos and making a ruling forbidding Muslims to take part.

Abd Wahid regarded Nik Aziz as an individual who could confuse the public with his statements.