Fresh video footage of Azmin rousing up protesters emerges


(Malaysian Digest) – A fresh video footage has surfaced, capturing PKR deputy president Azmin Ali allegedly cajoling a group of supporters to charge through the barricade to enter Dataran Merdeka during the April 28 rally.

The video was posted on pro-Umno blog bigdogdotcom and also available on YouTube.

The YouTube video shows that the clip was posted on April 29.

The footage shows a crowd of protesters being addressed by Azmin during the Bersih 3.0 ‘Duduk Bantah’ rally.

“Everyone, don’t move because in a while we will enter Dataran Merdeka,” he said to loud cheers from the protesters.

“Now they have surrounded us but there are many of us so we will surround them.”

“Do you want to (enter Dataran)? If you agree raise your hands…” he said to loud a loud “Yes” from the crowd.

He then chanted with the crowd yelling: “Keep on fighting… Long live the rakyat… Topple Umno… We the youths have principles… We the youths have the courage… We the youths reject Umno… Long live the rakyat…!”