Why my wife and I were at Bersih 3.0


Dear RPK,

My wife and I went to Bersih 3.0 for an entirely different set of reasons. Still, our spirits were no different from those thousands upon thousands of Malaysians who gathered there to express their demand for “change”.

I had wanted to share our experience being at Bersih 3.0, but before I could begin, I read your articles Now that Bersih is over (part 1) and Now that Bersih is over (part 2). I have some thoughts on those two articles which I also wish to share.

However, first let me share my reasons for supporting ABU. Then I will share my thoughts on your articles. Finally, I will share with you our reasons for participating in the Bersih 3.0 rally. Then, you will understand why my wife and I were in the vicinity of Dataran Merdeka that Saturday and what we hoped for. And if you wish to have a share in our properties and cash at bank, we’ll be happy to give you the mobile number of the debt collectors waiting outside our house.

My wife and I are in support of ABU provided PR, when it wins the ticket to Putrajaya, promises to: (i) unearth the extent of damages inflicted on our children’s country done by BN during its rule since 1982, and (ii) make those responsible (and their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns) to account for the damages suffered by our children’s country.

These can be easily achieved by first amending Article 16 of the MACC Act 2009 to read: “Any person, including an entity, who fails to satisfactorily account and explain the legitimate means by which assets registered in the name of that person or entity were acquired shall be guilty of an offence under this Act…” or to that effect. Secondly, the IRB must compulsorily enforce Article 113 of the Income Tax Act 1967 on such person or entity based on the outcome of the investigation carried out by MACC under Article 16.

If we are given that assurance, then the candidate from PR in my constituency – be it Mr Bean or Idi Ameen – is assured of our votes.

In Part 1 of your article, you said that Malaysians are faced with a Catch 22 situation. Malaysians need a change to see the elections that we want. But Malaysians will never see change unless the election system first changes. So, will the change take place? How many more series of Bersih do we need before we can see some semblance of change taking place?

Being a pessimist, I say the change will take place. It definitely will. And it won’t be long now. But the change I anticipate is not what Bersih demands.

Assume a scenario where the next general election is to be held this year. This will be followed by GE14 in 2016. Then, say, GE15 is held in 2020, the year an ex-PM set as a target for Malaysians to focus their vision on which hill the country is heading down.

Now, every Malaysian (who is not a customer of the lame stream media) and economist (from Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh and Myanmar gainfully employed in Malaysia) will tell you that a change will take place after GE15. They base their knowledge on the prediction that Malaysia is expected to be bankrupt by 2019. When that happens, a change of guards at Putrajaya will take place.

This event is inevitable, as BN will give PR a walkover at GE15. PR will march to Putrajaya to govern a country that is not only bankrupt but indebted to foreign banks for all the guarantees that the BN government had given since 1982 to secure loans taken by their GLCs. 

In Part 2 of your article, you figured that it would cost the govt of Malaysia around RM20-30 billion to scrap the Lynas project. What you revealed in your article is just the tip of the Carlsberg. Once you have tipped the contents of the bottle completely down your throat, you will get the dizzy picture. That Lynas project is another example of what PR will face when they settle down in Putrajaya and open those cans of worms and remove the skeletons from the closet.

Yes, Malaysia might even be governed by a consortium of banks under the auspices of the UN. The first country in the world to be colonised by bankers. In return, the bumis might want to request the UN to be renamed United Nations Malay Organisation or simply known as UNMO.

And it is this Vision 2020 that spurred my wife and I to join the thousands upon thousands of Malaysians on 428. We wanted His Highness Yang Di-Pertuan Agong and the state Rulers to recognise the legitimate demands by the rakyat for the Election Commission to ensure a free, fair and clean election.

If His Highness fails to recognise that the rice pot is fast reaching boiling point, then the institution of the Monarchy and my children and their children will end up with broth sprinkled with anchovy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Nasi dah jadi bubur. Yang dah balun duit kita sedap dok makan nasi briyani bukhari dekat Bayswater.

Your friend,

Harley s/o David from Mainwaukee