Choose the middle path: But don’t be neutral

Anas Zubedy

Many mistake the middle path as being neutral. There is a vast difference between a middle path person and a neutral person.

The middle path points forward; the neutral position is at a standstill.
The middle path leads to action; the neutral path accomplishes nothing.
The middle path takes responsibility; the neutral shirks it.
The middle path asks questions; the neutral avoids them.
The middle path requires commitment; the neutral is non-committal.
The middle path sides with justice and truth; the neutral sits on the fence.
The middle path has solid foundations; the neutral is like lalang.
The middle path demands integrity; the neutral sways with the tide.
The middle path captures reality; the neutral does not want to face it.
The middle path empathises; the neutral is selfish.
The middle path thinks long term; the neutral cares only about the present.
The middle path uses intelligence; the neutral is unthinking.
The middle path is innovative; the neutral needs no innovation.
The middle path sees right as right and wrong as wrong no matter who does it; the neutral hides.
The middle path cares; the neutral does not.
The middle path adds value and contributes; the neutral does not.  
The middle path guides us to the right way, in the right measure and at the right time. It is the path that will lead us to Unity.

Choose the middle path.