PKR started the scuffle, says MIC Youth Chief


(Malaysian Digest) – MIC Youth Chief, T. Mohan claimed a PKR supporter started the fighting incident in front of Prime Minister’s Office at Putrajaya yesterday.

“The PKR supporter pushed an MIC youth member, P. Palakumaran at the entrance of the Prime Minister’s Department in Putrajaya,” he said when contacted by Malaysian Digest.

“A police report has been lodged,” he added.

Mohan stated that Reshina’s case is a National Registration Department (NRD) matter in which he cannot see the reason on why the need for PKR Vice President N. Surendran to bring the matter to the Prime Minister’s office.

“This is a cheap publicity from PKR and Surendran,” he said.

“Surendran needs to prove the claim that 300,000 Malaysian Indian are without proper identification.

“If he (Surendran) can provide the proof then I will resign from all political post in MIC. The question now is that is Surendran ready to do the same?” he asked.

Mohan also stated that one of Reshina’s family member had contacted MIC. 

“We will be assisting the family on this matter,” he said.

“One thing that I do not understand is that Reshina is 17 year old and was said to have been stopped from sitting for her SPM and attending school because she did not have proper documents. How is it that she was able to sit for her PMR and UPSR examinations?” he asked.

Yesterday a peaceful gathering to get a 17-year-old girl back in school ended with a scuffle between supporters of MIC and PKR that left two people injured in front of the Prime Minister’s Office.