Good Samaritan gets a beating of his life

A legal assistant who went to the aid of a Chinese couple being assaulted by police during Bersih 3.0, ended with broken ribs and head injuries. 

(Free Malaysia Today) – Being a good Samaritan landed M Yuktesuaran, 25, in the hospital with swollen ribs, bruised arms, injured thigh, bruised face and a ruptured ulcer.

These injuries were sustained at the hands of the police at the Bersih 3.0 rally on the evening of April 28.

Yuktesuaran went to the aid of a young Chinese couple who were being manhandled by the police when he too was beaten up.

Yuktesuaran, a legal assistant, is still being warded at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

According to him, he arrived at Jalan Leboh Ampang at about 3pm that Saturday when the tear gas was already released.

Seeing the fracas unfolding, he thought that it would best to stay put at Leboh Ampang and help the many people who needed water and salt.

He said he was not even wearing yellow.

At around 6pm, he said that he decided to make his way to Masjid Jamek LRT station to meet his cousin. There were hordes of police there who were yelling “Keluar!” Keluar!” (get out!).

A split second later, the police began ambushing people – catching them at random, beating them with bare fists and hands and shooting some kind of pellets at the crowd.

Kicked in the face

Soon after, the crowd, chanting “Bersih! Bersih!” began to move towards Dataran Merdeka when they were suddenly surrounded by about 200 policemen.

The rally-goers were ambushed and pounced upon by the police who did not have their name tags on their uniforms.

“I saw a young Chinese coupled being roughed up by the police, near the HSBC bank. The boy was punched repeatedly and shoved up against the wall.

“The girl couldn’t move because her arm was linked with the boy’s and she was punched too. I ran up to them and yanked the girl free and she was crying. I asked her if that was her boyfriend and she said yes.

“The police were not happy with my intervention and yelled at me, ‘kau ni samseng?’ (are you a thug). I replied that I wasn’t, only that they have no right to rough up innocent citizens.

“When I said this, I felt a hard knock at the back of my head and then someone began dragging me by my collar. I told them that I will not resist arrest, but I have a right to know why I’m being arrested.

“The reply I received was, ‘Tak payah tahu’ “(you don’t need to know).”

Yuktesuaran said that he was dragged to the barracks at Dataran Merdeka where there were between 1,000 and 1,500 policemen and FRU personnel.

“Being at the rally, I was prepared for the consequence because you do reap what you sow. I was approached by a legal aid personnel who offered me help, but was told by a policeman to leave.”

Yuktesuaran was then taken to the Royal Selangor Club where there were more police barracks. While he was being led away, he was repeatedly hit and kicked by a line of policemen lining the pathway.

“One of the policemen must have recognised me from my various court room appearances when I was assisting Sankaran Nair in Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy case and called out to the rest, “Ini peguam! Ini anjing Anwar! (He is a lawyer. He’s Anwar’s lapdog).

“I suffered more beatings and one of the policemen tried to deliver a flying kick to my face. When I managed to avoid it, he asked his colleagues to hold me down and he kicked me in my face,” Yuktesuaran said.