Cop car overturned, cop gun stolen

(Malaysian Digest) – Chaos reigned as angry mobs supporting Bersih 3.0 turned their anger at police personnel on the ground.

In one incident, The Star reported that city deputy police chief officer, Datuk Amar Singh, told reporters that a police car had been overturned.

Malaysian Digest journalist, DAJMARIZAL ZOLKIPLI reported that the car was overturned in front of the Sogo shopping mall along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.


A Malaysiakini report claimed that the car had hit two protesters, injuring them. This had allegedly angered the mob which then started kicking the vehicle before flipping it over.

The Star also reported that several police jeeps parked outside the Maju junction had to take off when protesters kicked and threw water bottles at them.

At 4:54pm, The Malay Mail reported another incident of a police vehicle being overturned, also along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. This could not be immediately verified.

At 4:35pm, The Star reported a police tweet cautioning the public to exercise caution as police gun had been snatched by protesters.