Voice of the Rakyat to BN government


Lembu Susu 
We have eyes, we have seen
We have brains, we can think
Don’t tell us, all is fine
Don’t forget, we have minds

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice
Don’t pretend to act nice
I’ve said it then, I say it again
Don’t hold us in proud disdain
We have homes, we have kids
We don’t want to feed them bits
We need money, it flies off
Off they fly to your Swiss lofts
And you tell us, “Vote for me!”
When all you’d done – steal our money
You talk sweet, you look cool
And you thought, we were fooled
Broke our trust, pocketed our cash
Treated us like yucky trash
Everyday, millions of bucks
But a hundred once in five, you call that our luck?
Oh, no no no, we’ve got enough
Half a century, we call your bluff
50 o’er years to prove yourself
To prove you’re adept in stealing wealth
You know you’re out, you won’t admit
So you tried the “Racist” heat
Used your strength, gave out threats
Thought we’d shrink like timid cats
Desperado, were you then
Scratched your heads, at wit’s end
Chose to stoke, religious flames
Played with fire, lost your aim
So I’ll tell you, straight blunt now
All you want, is crazy pow’r
You care not, for your soul
Where you’re heading, where you’ll go
When life is o’er, you’ll depart
Not a cent, can you lug
Before the Judge, you will stand
What you’ll say, for the life you’ve spent?