To hell with logic, Bersih feels right

It doesn’t matter if the other side offers logical arguments to the contrary or even if PM Najib is sincere in his efforts to reform the country, we the rakyat must march this Saturday. 

Zaidel Baharuddin, Free Malaysia Today 

Last night, there was a colourful exchange between Barisan Nasional Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin and the spiritual leader of Bersih S Ambiga.

Khairy might have won the night with his suave, eloquent speech and sensible rebuttals. Though he might have pointed out that Bersih’s demand were very much redundant, we the rakyat must not falter nor weaken our spirit as to what matters most to those who are truly passionate about Bersih.

It’s not about fighting for what is right, instead, it’s actually about fighting for what feels right. Which is why though the said gentlemen managed to point out his views in a rather persuasive and analytically manner, it does not matter to us because we just dont feel right, hence in the name of the rakyat or Pakatan Rakyat, the rally must go on.

Bersih isn’t just about what is wrong with the electoral system, it’s also about what feels wrong with regard to the electoral system, surely something is truly wrong when again and again Barisan Nasional keeps winning in the recent by-elections while at the same time managing to improve their margin.

How could such an open flaw be denied? Surely it could be forgiven if the average rakyat thinks that the Election Comission is in cahoots with BN. How could such results be delivered after a stunning seven wins by Pakatan in the previous by-elections? The EC was much more credible during those by-elections.

The biased mainstream media insinuated the idea that the lack of cohesive policy making, internal bickering, lack of governance, personal morality and a long list of broken promises were the contributing factors to these losses on Pakatan’s side, but of course any credible Malaysian who longs for the end of BN and Umno knows that these are all minor excuses propagated by the propaganda machinery.

We all know that just like the moon landing (and probably the moon itself), it’s all about one big dark evil conspiracy to ensure that the ruling class keeps on ruling.

Are we going to believe that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is going to take this country forward with his so-called Government Transformation Plan and Economic Transformation Plan. Najib is an Umno man and in Umno’s dictionary, there is no democracy. Why do you think Anwar Ibrahim left Umno after 15 years of meteoric rise in the party?

After winning all those dirty elections which involved money politics and after reaching the second highest position in the party, Anwar realises that there was no way for him to be the premier so he took the honourable principled step of allowing Dr Mahathir Mohamad to sack him.

Why should we trust Najib?

Why should we trust Najib with what he says, every politician says so. Okay, so he abolished the ISA, amended the Printing Presses and Publications Act, revamped economic policies, reviewed the quota system, tabled an actual plan to move this country forward, took many of the previous Bersih suggestions and tabled it in Parliament to improve the electoral system and legalised public assemblies but apart from these minor things, what did the prime minister do for democracy in Malaysia? How about the time when again and again he issued gag orders on his MPs and banned certain media from his press conferences? Oh wait, that was actually DAP.

Anyway to simply allow BN to use the military and police postal votes as a bank to ensure their victory is utterly disgusting.

I mean how can we just stand by and watch the military and police personnel be persuaded to vote for BN simply because the government upholds policies that are friendly to them. Of course, sometimes the other side tends to slip by saying that the communists are true heroes while denouncing the officers as British dogs and announcing that our submarines can’t submerge (when it’s not true) to the Indonesian press and giving them a free ride to ridicule our navy. This could have angered our uniformed voters but surely if given a choice, they would still vote for Pakatan.

My fellow citizens, we the rakyat must continue the Bersih rally, this is because when it comes to democracy and freedom of speech, it’s all about how you feel, for the freedom of expression demands the outbursts of emotions for thoughts that aren’t really suited for expressing.