Ambiga: we must do it in Dataran Merdeka


(Malaysian Digest) – Duduk Bantah will still take place in Dataran Merdeka, said its co-Chairperson Dato S Ambiga.

Ambiga announced this after after a two-hour meeting between the movement’s steering committee and Kuala Lumpur Mayor Tan Sri Ahmad Fuad Ismail.

“Bersih had a meeting with the mayor, to his objection I announce that we will still going to Dataran Merdeka,” said Ambiga.

Ambiga said although the city council does not allow Dataran Merdeka to be used, due to time constraint, the sit in must continue at the scheduled venue.

“We must do it in Dataran Merdeka,” said Ambiga. “We have no time to change venue, it’s only three days left, we have a grieve problem with time now.”

“We cannot do it last minute, to change the venue now will cause a lot of problem for our supporters,” Ambiga added.

Bersih steering committee member political activist Hishamudin Rais in his Facebook wall post stated that during the meeting, the mayor was calling him ‘Bro’ as a way to break the ice between them. As a result, Hishamudin’s facebook friends started to call him ‘Brother Hisham’ to mock the mayor’s effort in winning the heart of the well-known political activist.

With three days left, Ambiga said the movement is hoping the mayor can reconsider and allow Duduk Bantah to be held at the iconic venue of Dataran Merdeka.