Zaid: I don’t need Pakatan’s help

The Kita chief says he can contest Kota Baru on his own two feet, without the opposition’s help.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Kita chief Zaid Ibrahim today said he does not need Pakatan Rakyat’s help in contesting the Kota Baru parliamentary seat during the next general election.

Speaking to FMT, Zaid did not appear worried that PAS – currently holding the seat there – was against helping him to contest there.

“I don’t need endorsement [to contest] from Pakatan Rakyat. I can stand on my own. I have my own party. I only want endorsement from the people of Kota Baru,” he said.

Zaid was responding to Kota Baru PAS deputy head Takiyuddin Hassan, who said that Kota Baru and its three state seats were to be contested solely by PAS members.

In a media report today, Takiyuddin said that no one else within Pakatan Rakyat could lay claim to the constituency.

He added that if Zaid wanted to contest there, he had to do it without Pakatan’s help.

Formerly the Kota Baru MP from 2004 to 2008, Zaid did not appear surprised that PAS wanted to hold on to the seat.

He also clarified that he never intended to get Pakatan’s help in standing there during the 13th general election.

“I never said that I wanted to contest there with Pakatan’s endorsement,” he said, adding that it would have been a straight fight if he had been allowed to contest under PAS’ banner.

In early March, Zaid announced that he would contest in Kota Baru. With Umno expected to contest there as well, the fight for Kota Baru is expected to split three ways.

PAS however did not appear worried with Zaid’s intention to do so, despite the latter’s claims of grassroots support there.

In a previous FMT report, Kota Baru MP (PAS) Wan Abdul Rahim Wan Abdullah said that Zaid’s entry would hurt Umno more than it would hurt PAS.

The PAS MP also sarcastically hinted that Zaid was not in touch with the people there, adding: “Well, he’s (Zaid) not staying in Kota Baru. He’s staying in Kuala Lumpur.”

A former Umno strongman, Zaid quit the Cabinet in 2008 to join PKR. He then left the party in 2010 to form Kita.