UMNO’s own The End of History


It is already happening. The people in the mainstream media and `mainstream new media’ do not have a clue about what is happening. They are seeing ghosts at every corner. UMNO is in total disarray. In desperate times, UMNO resorts to desperate measures.

UMNO knows the Malay mindset. They know Malays have got this addiction with horror stories, sex and other bizarre tales. That is why readership of the Mastika Magazine far outstrips that of Utusan Malaysia. In Utusan Malaysia, only two pieces of news are true; (1) the Islamic prayer times and (2) 4 digit numbers. Can it be that more Malays now patronize the gaming shops? Everything else in Utusan are lies and deceit.

So now they concentrate on the horror of horrors- anything else will die with the demise of UMNO. The hard truth is- If UMNO dies, the ones who will suffer most will be the parasitic leeches and the anointed rent seekers, the license Rajs, the UMNO 007s who are given licenses to plunder and steal and the corrupt politicians. It’s the end of civilization. But it’s the end of the plundering civilization as UMNO knows it.

Let me hasten to comfort Malays and Malaysians- nobody dies if UMNO goes under. Especially not the Malays. The tide and ebb of Malays do not absolutely depend on UMNO. We progress through education and through our efforts. The government, any government is merely an instrument by and through which we achieve common objectives for the public good. We are done with a government that sets off one section of the citizen against another section of the rakyat based on religion and race. And we must kick out a government that declares war on us but embrace lovingly abuses of power, corruption and thievery.

Malays will liberate their minds from the yoke of the unholy alliance between the feudalists and Malay bourgeoisie. By the Malay bourgeoisie I mean the class of Malays who have misappropriated the wealth creation means of this country through their hold on political power and impoverished the people in that process.  

All they can see are overtures by some political parties courting some former political personalities into their fold. Hence we hear news that PKR is courting some former UMNO heavyweights and PAS is inviting some former high ranking government officers to contest under their banner in the next general elections. That is only the beginning.

The entry of these people isn’t a cause for worry, the UMNO men say. These are washed up individuals and frustrated people. We like it when they regard us like that, because then, it will not be a problem contesting against us in the coming elections.

Why is there for instance, so much fuss about Kadir Sheikh Fadhir standing for elections on PAS ticket? It’s a case of having a big ago opined one of his brothers. I met Kadir some time ago; he told me he loved UMNO. He has been a member since 1950s. For a person to disown UMNO after being a member for a long time suggests some extraordinary changes in the character of either UMNO or Kadir.

Kadir hasn’t changed. He’s still that flamboyant with a bon vivant air about him. Look at his vehicles, his houses and his immaculate dressing style. His office at the Mines is immaculately furnished. So his willingness to give up UMNO isn’t because for want of material things. He has all that.