Harris may have wrong view of illegals

The statement by Tan Sri Harris Salleh with regards to the illegal immigrants in Sabah raises the question of his stance about the mother of all problems in Sabah. In response to Tan Sri Herman Luping’s article, he tried to justify the disturbing statement in the book, Harris Salleh of Sabah, which says that the Federal Government can make a foreigner a citizen of Malaysia within 24 hours by a stroke of the pen.

He said that this actually meant the Federal Government has the power to grant citizenship to any foreigner if the minister in charge feels that a particular person is useful and can contribute to the well being of Malaysia. Yes – if! I agree with him on that technical reasoning but we have to admit that only a stupid country would  give citizenship to people that could endanger the social, security and sovereignty of that country! And this is what has been done in Malaysia, not just for a few useful professionals and scientists, but for uneducated and poor very, very illegal immigrants. Even legal immigrants from developed countries or even the wives of prominent leaders take donkey years to even get a permanent residence.
The legalisation of illegals through the back door in Sabah has become a legendary tale of deception, lies, denials and brazen violation of the immigration laws! Now this heinous act of treason is getting outright support and false reasoning from politicians! Sabahans have to be reminded that this is the biggest breach of the Malaysia Agreement and understanding that we were to become a part of the federation for our security from external threats and preservation of our native rights. The grand design had pushed the natives and original peoples of Sabah into a corner where they are becoming second-class citizens to immigrants who are now calling themselves Malays and so are first-class citizens. So gone is the meaning of Article 185 of the Federal Constitution which guarantees the “special position” of the natives of Sabah and Sarawak.  
I am certain Harris is not in favour of the illegals so he doesn’t have to become too uptight when the issue is raised in the media. He also needs to show once in a while his concern for the future of the natives, even deplore the continuing influx of the illegal immigrants into the state which started way back in the 1970s until this very day. As a veteran with vast experience we need his wisdom to help stem the tide of all sorts of Tom, Dick and Harry flooding the state and bringing havoc to the socio-economic life to the state. We all know how we are now facing healthcare problems, vice, serious and petty crimes (murder, drugs, robberies, thefts, smuggling and selling of contraband cigarettes everywhere). Now sources had confirm that the highest number of births in QEH2 are immigrants. They are multiplying like rabbits!
What we don’t need is cover-ups of the fact that many hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in the state have obtained MyKads through the backdoor and been entered in the electoral rolls as “Fixed Deposit” voters and gone on to became instant natives.
We only have to look at the Federal Constitution and see that the immigration laws have been seriously violated. Foreigners can obtain citizenship in Malaysia but they must go through the process as provided for under the Federal Constitution. There’s no evidence that the massive number of illegals in Sabah are going through just such a process before being bestowed with citizenships. On the contrary, all the evidence and testimonies of various parties who are willing to go to court to witness, is that hundreds of thousands had obtained citizenship “by the stroke of the pen,” and it is still going on.
And this is happening although everyone knows that no one should be above the law, not even the Federal Government whose leaders had sworn to protect the laws. No civilized country in the world will reward illegal entry with citizenship. None! European countries (Norway, Denmark, France, the UK and others) were once quite liberal about legalising foreigners but in small numbers and now have regretted it because these new citizens have become nuisances and troublemakers, shouting religious intolerance against the very government which feed them on generous welfare handouts for them to survive. They are biting the hands that feed them. In our case the new Bumiputeras are taking over us.
Star Deputy Chairman and Advisor to the UK-Based Human Rights Foundation Malaysia.