Prostituting Islam

Yes, many Malays talk about Islam but they are actually prostituting Islam. And then they scream about aqidah when they themselves do not have aqidah. Such is the hypocrisy of those who claim to be defending Islam. They are actually following Satan and not the Prophet Muhammad.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

DBKL rejects JMM’s application to use Dataran Merdeka

(Bernama) – The Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has rejected an application by Malaysian Malay Network Organisation (JMM) to use Merdeka Square for a gathering to protest against free sex, gay, lesbianism, bisexualism and transexualism, scheduled today.

Kuala Lumpur mayor Tan Sri Ahmad Fuad Ismail said the application was rejected because the activity was not in line with DBKL policy on the use of the Merdeka Square for national events.

“Other than that, the Royal Concert will be held at Merdeka Square today in conjunction with the installation of the 14th Yang di-Pertuan Agong and detailed preparations are being carried out towards this purpose,” he said in a statement here.

He said JMM president Azwanddin Hamzah had sent his application to him dated April 10, 2012 but it was rejected by the DBKL Management deputy director-general Datuk Normah Malik via a letter dated April 16, 2012.  

Azwanddin, nevertheless, had submitted an appeal to Ahmad Fuad dated April 19, 2012, stating specific reasons why JMM’s application should be considered.

“I have met him and decided that the application could not be considered because it is the policy of DBKL not to allow any protests and demonstrations to be held at Merdeka Square which has historical significance,” he said.

Ahmad Fuad said the decision was in accordance with By-law 14, Local Government By-Laws (Merdeka Square) (Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur) 1992.


30 NGO Melayu berkumpul bantah LGBT, pertahan akidah Islam

“Usaha individu tertentu untuk menghalalkan LGBT akan memusnahkan negara dan nilai agama.”

(Free Malaysia Today) – Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM) mengetuai 30 NGO Melayu  berhimpun di padang bola Stadium Pusat Sukan UPM di Serdang  membantah usaha untuk pihak tertentu menghalalkan LGBT di negara ini.

Presiden JMM, Azwan Din Hamzah yang mengetuai perhimpunan itu berkata, “kita mahu menerangkan kepada orang ramai siapa dalang di sebalik LGBT.

“Usaha individu tertentu untuk menghalalkan LGBT akan memusnahkan negara dan nilai agama.

“Kami mahu menghentikannya. Kami tidak bertolak ansur dengan akidah (orang Islam),” katanya ketika dihubungi.

Perhimpunan tersebut yang diberi nama  perhimpunan aman anti seks bebas dan LGBT  bermula jam 3 petang  dan disertai ribuan orang termasuk mahasiswa.

Bagaimanapun, tidak ada penyertaan orang politik kerana menurut Azwan Din, ia tidak perlu kerana ini adalah perhimpunan mempertahankan akidah.

Pada 4 November lalu, polis mengharamkan semua aktiviti dalam penganjuran program Seksualiti Merdeka 2011 yang dijadualkan pada 13 November.

Program tersebut bagi menuntut kesaksamaan gender serta mengiktiraf pengamal seks songsang gay dan lesbian.

Polis turut menyiasat beberapa individu termasuk bekas Presiden Majlis Peguam, Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan yang dijadual merasmikan program itu pada 9 November ini.


The Meaning of ‘Aqidah’

The word ‘aqidah’ (عقيدة) is of the (morphological) form of (فعيلة) which has the meaning of (مفعول) (that to which something is done), meaning (معقودا عليه), that which is tied, knotted to, firmly fixed onto, held onto. It is derived from the root (عقد), which means to tie, fasten, join, bind, etc. —


The Malaysian Malay Network Organisation is protesting against free sex and LGBTs (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders). Isn’t it ironical that they are protesting against ‘free’ sex and not ‘paid’ sex? Why is ‘free’ sex a sin whereas ‘paid’ sex is not? I know many Malays who pay for sex. Should these very concerned Malays not also protest against ‘paid’ sex? Why only ‘free’ sex? This is discrimination against those who do not charge money for sex.

Okay, I know what they mean by ‘free sex’. I am just being cheeky. What I really want to talk about is: why are these Malays protesting against free sex and LGBTs? Because, according to these Malays, free sex and LGBTs will destroy the aqidah of Muslims. Hence, good Muslims must protest against any acts that will result in the erosion of a Muslim’s aqidah.

Many Malays talk about aqidah. They scream and foam at the mouth in defence of aqidah. But what do they know of aqidah? Do they know the meaning of that word? And how does one defend aqidah? You cannot defend another person’s aqidah. Aqidah is an intangible thing so it is impossible to defend it.

Aqidah can be summarised as the rope that binds us. And it is the rope that binds us to the belief in God. If we do not believe in God, then our aqidah is destroyed.

But the belief in God comes in two forms. One is the belief in the existence of God, in that you believe that there is a God. Next would be that you believe in God, in that you have faith in the will of God.

Now, this may sound confusing but actually it is very simple. Let me put it another way. Say I appear before you in person. I shake your hand. I talk to you. You respond to what I say. And so on. Hence, I exist. I exist because you can see me, touch me, and hear me. So certainly I do exist. There is physical proof that I exist.

This is how you would believe in the existence of God. The only thing is you can’t see, touch or hear God. So you need to believe in God based on your faith. You can’t see, touch or hear God but you still believe that God exists in spite of the ‘lack of evidence’. So this belief has to be based on aqidah and not on the evidence that you can see, touch or hear.

That is one part of aqidah.

Nevertheless, although you may believe that I do exist, this does not mean you believe in me. If I were to say that if you follow me and support me, I can guarantee you a better Malaysia. You might not believe me. You may think that it is impossible for me to guarantee you a better Malaysia.

Who is Raja Petra Kamarudin? He is no one. He is only a Blogger. He does not even live in Malaysia any more. So how can Raja Petra Kamarudin guarantee me a better Malaysia?

So you do not believe in me. You think that I am not able to guarantee you a better Malaysia. You would rather believe in Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar is the opposition leader. He is going to lead Pakatan Rakyat in the next general election. And if Pakatan Rakyat wins the general election, then Anwar is going to be the next Prime Minister.

Hence, Anwar Ibrahim and not Raja Petra Kamarudin can deliver this promise of a better Malaysia. You do not believe that I can do that. So you do not believe in me. In short, you have faith in Anwar, not in me.

Can you see that ‘believe in’ and ‘belief in the existence of’ are two separate issues? And if you have aqidah, then you must not only believe in the existence of God but also believe in God.

Let me explain it this way. You may believe in the existence of God and you think that you also believe in God. That may be true for the first part but is it also true for the second part? Sure, you believe in the existence of God. But do you also believe in God?

Most Malays believe in the existence of God but they do not believe in God. And most Malays are not aware that they do not believe in God. Hence, most Malays do not have aqidah. Only that they are not aware of it.

To believe in God you must also believe that ultimately everything that happens is God’s will. God plans and decides what happens. We have no power over that. The day we are born is decided by God. Where we are born is decided by God. Whether we are born a Malay, German, Japanese, or whatever, is decided by God. How, when and where we die is also decided by God. We cannot change the manner in how we die or lengthen our stay on earth by even one second. That is God’s will, which has already been decided before we were born.

A person who has aqidah would understand and accept this. That is all God’s will and there is nothing we can do to change what God has willed. But how many Malays understand and accept this? In short, how many Malays really have aqidah?

Why were you born a poor, Malay, Muslim? Why weren’t you born a rich, Chinese, Christian? Hence, since you were born a poor, Malay, Muslim you must do everything you can to grab some of this wealth from the rich, Chinese, Christian. You uphold Ketuanan Melayu. You propagate the New Economic Policy. You support a racist political party. You give special preferences to the Malays and deny the non-Malays whatever opportunities you can deny them.

In short, God made you a poor, Malay, Muslim so you must correct this ‘mistake’ by taking from the rich what has been denied you by God.

Why was God so unfair to you? Why did God make you a poor, Malay, Muslim instead of a rich, Chinese, Christian? And since God made this ‘error’ then you need to rectify this error by grabbing whatever you can grab even if you need to be a corrupt civil servant, policeman or politician.

Hence, you do not believe in God. You do not accept the will of God. You need to become a thief and a racist and grab as much wealth as you can which you regard as having been denied you. And it does not matter if you need to resort to sinful ways in grabbing this wealth. If you work hard you will never become wealthy like the rich, Chinese, Christian. So you need to be crooked to become rich. Or else you will remain a poor, Malay, Muslim.

How many Malays can claim to have aqidah and accept the will of God? How many Malays can work hard and honest and leave the rest to God’s will? How many Malays can say that if God wants me to be rich then I will be rich but if God wants me to be poor then I will remain poor?

That is aqidah.

Demonstrating against free sex and LGBTs is not going to strengthen a Muslim’s aqidah. They need to demonstrate against discrimination, unfairness, injustice, racism, corruption, abuse of power, fraud, and whatnot. Those are the things that destroy a Muslim’s aqidah.

Take the general elections as another example. Malaysia has already decided that we shall choose the government by popular votes and through a general election. Hence it is God’s will that the majority rules. But we will not accept God’s will. We rig the elections and perpetuate fraud to make sure that the minority would rule over the majority. We reject God’s will by cheating to win.

Is this the mark of Malays with aqidah? How can you claim to have aqidah when you cannot accept God’s will? And if it is God’s will that someone else were to rule over us then this is God’s will. A person with aqidah would accept God’s will. They would not cheat and try to rule through fraud. It is like saying that since God made me poor then I will rob a bank or kidnap and murder to get rich.

Is this aqidah?

Yes, many Malays talk about Islam but they are actually prostituting Islam. And then they scream about aqidah when they themselves do not have aqidah. Such is the hypocrisy of those who claim to be defending Islam. They are actually following Satan and not the Prophet Muhammad.