Najib: Malaysia has excellent record on managing racial diversity


(Malaysian Digest) – Malaysia has an excellent track record in managing a complex racial diversity to the extent that the various races in the country live in peace and harmony, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. 

The Prime Minister said the success had created a conducive environment to spur development for the benefit and comfort of the people in the country.

“Although Malaysia has a very complex racial diversity, we have managed to handle it in an excellent manner.

“This is vastly different from the situation in some countries where the diversity is only in terms of religion or sect…there is no difference in skin colour but yet they cannot live in peace and harmony,” he said when launching the Malaysian Equity Week (MSAM) 2012 at the Multipurpose Hall, Likas Sports Complex, near here today.

Najib said the development and progress enjoyed by the people currently was also due to the efforts of the present government which succeeded in ensuring political stability in the country which had been practising open democracy right from the start.

“In every election, the people gave sufficient or convincing mandate to form a government…a strong government that ensures political stability in the country,” he said.

The Prime Minister said the success of the government in implementing rapid and sustainable development had also changed the socio-economic landscape for the better, thus helping to ensure the achievement of the government’s vision to turn Malaysia into a developed nation with a high income by the year 2020.

Najib said the government had always ensured that the country was safe and had never neglected this aspect for the benefit of everyone.

“Although we have been facing threats from before, and now we are on the eve of abolishing the Internal Security Act which is being replaced by a new act, yet we have been able to balance between the individual’s rights and the national interest and security as a whole,” he added.