‘Umno tore apart my father’s legacy’


(FMT) – KOTA KINABALU: Former Sabah governor and chief minister Tun Mustapha Harun’s son has accused Umno of betraying his father’s trust and tearing apart his legacy.

Badaruddin Tun Mustapha said it was ironical that Umno, the party that his father had helped enter into Sabah politics, had plundered the state and reduced its immense wealth and power to a few handouts from the federal government.

He focused his concerns on reports that Chief Minister Musa Aman had allegedly siphoned off millions from Yayasan Sabah, a foundation his father set up in 1966.

“It is disappointing and distressing to see the now Umno-led Barisan Nasional politicians and their cronies supplementing their income with Yayasan Sabah wealth by dipping their dirty hands into this Sabah’s common treasure.

“The fact that Sabah is now the poorest state in Malaysia is proof that they have mismanaged and misappropriated our vast wealth. If this is allowed to continue our children’s future will be bleak,” Badaruddin said.

In a series of exposé complete with documented evidence, online news portal Sarawak Report disclosed deep levels of corruption and mismanagement by Musa and his stable of politicians and business associates since he assumed power in 2003.

Musa has, however, issued a denial.

But Badaruddin is unconvinced. He said he was deeply distressed to find out that the foundation which his father set up for the purpose of uplifting the lives of Sabahans, had failed to fulfil its role.

Yayasan Sabah was supposed to complement and supplement government’s efforts in raising the standard of living of Sabahans, especially those who are hardcore poor and desperate, he said.

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