Guan Eng urged to intervene to stop eviction

Under a court issued eviction notice, 12 families in Kampung Boundary Lima will have to leave by April 14. 

(Free Malaysia Today) – GEORGE TOWN: Residents of Kampung Boundary Lima here are calling on Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to directly intervene and stop the impending eviction order on them from their own properties.

The village residents’ association president Santok Singh said he and two other households were facing eviction orders this Tuesday issued by the Sessions Court. Other families are expected to face similar orders later.

Under the eviction order issued on April 4, Santok and others have to give vacant possession of their properties to Bersatu Stabil Sdn Bhd, which claims right over the land.

Sandwiched between Jalan Boundary and Jalan Air Putih, the village comes under Lim’s state constituency Air Putih.

Santok said he could not understand how the Sessions Court issued the eviction order to Bersatu Stabil when the villagers’ suit claiming fraudulent actions to steal their land was pending in the High Court.

The case is up for hearing next month.

“It’s our land, our properties.

“We want our assemblyman, the chief minister, to intervene and stop this potential travesty of justice,” Santok told a press conference after an half-hour street protest the village.

Hindraf Makkal Sakti activists led by its advisor N Ganesan and the now demolished Kampung Buah Pala Residents’ Association chairman M Sugumaran also joined the demonstration.

According to Santok, originally the land owner sold the land to 46 families who were staying in the village back in 1960s. Out of the 46, only 36 bought the land, while 10 more bought the house.

Initially the original owner sold the land as one single plot to the villagers. But he had promised them that he would soon sub-divide the land into individual plots of land ownership.

However, the owner failed to do so, and Santok said the elder villagers being either illiterate or semi-illiterate simply trusted the lawyers and owner then.

Among the village surviving senior citizen is 98-year-old Surjan Singh, Santok’s uncle.

12 families still fighting

Santok said in early 2000, the owner sold the land to Cermai Semangat Sdn Bhd, which in 2006 transferred the land title to its proxy company Bersatu Stabil.

Since then, 33 of the 46 occupants took compensation and left the village, leaving 12 families to fight for their rights. One remaining land owner could not be identified or located.