Guan Eng may run out of ‘political steam’

Penang Umno Youth believes people will soon grow tired of the chief minister’s antics. 

Hawkeye, Free Malaysia Today 

GEORGE TOWN: Penang Umno Youth believes that DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng may run out of “political steam” by the time the general election arrives.

Since 2008, Lim has been riding high on the anti-Barisan Nasional (BN) sentiment which swept the state after the political tsunami, but Penang Umno Youth head Shaik Hussein Mydin believes it would soon change, as he speculates that Lim would run out of “political capital”.

Shaik Hussein admits that there is a high anti-BN sentiment in the state, largely sparked by national issues and the ability of the Lim-led Pakatan Rakyat to whip up sentiments of hatred towards the ruling federal coalition and former chief minister Koh Tsu Koon.

However, he said Lim’s strategy of branding some Penang Umno leaders as racists and of allegedly driving up a wedge of discontent among the major races, would soon run dry.

“Sentiments can win only temporary support. People would only get worked up during the spur of the moment. When they start to analyse the situation shortly later, they would come to their senses that Lim’s politics is simply all about sentiments only.”

Lim only preaches but he places no importance on finding a conclusion to cement his political struggle, he said.

“He goes on and on… whacking BN like a broken record player. Then he calls us racists when in fact, he is one.”

In Malaysia, political parties are still using race whenever they field candidates in an election.

This is a fact unless DAP wants to prove otherwise by fielding a Malay candidate in a Chinese-dominated constituency, Shaikh Hussein said.

He claimed that Lim would remain quiet for a few days whenever he was criticised, but would retaliate later by allegedly twisting an issue into a racial one.

The DAP-led state has outlined its successes, but the bottom line is, have the majority of the people benefited, he said.

“If Penang has developed, why is the majority of the people struggling to buy homes, where are the quality jobs, why is the traffic congestion growing by the day and where is the local council elections. Are these not promises made by Pakatan?”

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He also asked how many Penangites have returned here to help develop their state after Lim went overseas frequently to entice them or their capital back.

In Penang, Shaikh Hussein believes that the voters here have the ability to vote strategically and to use their wisdom.

In the past, voters here would usually vote in BN for state seats and give the parliamentary ones to the opposition.

The same principle may apply in the next election, but this time the DAP-led Pakatan may be given states while the parliament ones may end up with BN, he said.