Family wants Azmin to break free from Anwar

(The Star) – The family of Azmin Ali wants him to break free from Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

His mother, Che Tom Yahaya, said Azmin would be a better person if he rid himself of all the bad influence.

“After every prayer, I ask God to help my son break free from Anwar, and return to the righteous path.”

Che Tom, 78, said of all her six children, she had the hardest time delivering Azmin.

“But it is more painful now watching my son detaching himself from us,’’ she said, adding that Azmin last visited her in August.

Azmin’s sister Ummi Hafilda said she would stop all forms of attack against her brother if he left Anwar for good.

“I am now on a drive to expose all the dirt about my brother, his wife Shamsidar Tahrin and Anwar.

“Our mother even agreed to speak at a press conference to talk about Azmin.

“But if Azmin breaks away from Anwar, I will stop campaigning.

“All I want is for my brother to return to his old self,’’ she said of the PKR deputy president who is considered Anwar’s staunch ally.

Ummi said when her mother was severely ill recently, she told her and her two sisters not to inform Azmin if she were to die.