DAP leaves five in the lurch


(THE STAR) – It has been a month since Selangor DAP decided that five nominees would be sworn in for the local council seats but they are still in the dark.

The five have not received any letter for the appointment although Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has scheduled a meeting with the councillors today.

Two of the five Taman Gembira branch chairman Ivan Ho and Taman Chi Liung branch chairman K. Yogasigamany said they had not received any indication of their appointment.

“We thought that since DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang had asked the state committee to reinstate the five, it would be done within a short period,” said Ho, a lawyer.

Yogasigamany said Selangor DAP chairman Teresa Kok had indicated two weeks ago that he would serve in the Selayang council although he had served as a councillor in Shah Alam.

“Kok said the letter was on the way,” he said, adding that it would take two to three months to understand the designated zone in Selayang.

It was reported that Kok had fumed when fellow state executive councillor Ronnie Liu amended the list of nominees without the knowledge of the state DAP.

Lim, who was informed of the issue, had an emergency meeting on March 7 where he ordered the list submitted by the state DAP to be followed.

A party official alleged that there were non-credible candidates, including some illiterates, who had been appointed councillors.

“One of the nominees cannot read or write while another is driver for top leaders. Both have been appointed to the council,” he said.

Kok said more than 20 nominees from all parties, including from DAP in Pakatan Rakyat were involved.

“I do not know when they will get the appointment letters. Khalid has to make a decision on this,” she said.