Video shows Nazri’s son assaulting guard: report


(Harakah Daily) – Despite the claim by Brickfields police OCPD Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Talib that the son of minister in the Prime Minister’s Department was not involved in assaulting a security guard last month, a CCTV video has emerged to show otherwise.

According to news portal Malaysiakini, the video shows Mohamad Nedim, son of Nazri Aziz, joining two others in assaulting a condominium security guard for insisting that he register as a guest at the guard house as required by condominium rules.

The portal said what depicted in the video would also raise questions about the police’s classification of the case as a minor offence – causing affray – which provides for a mere six-month imprisonment or RM1000 fine as the maximum sentence upon conviction.

Last month, Malaysiakini cited sources who said a police report was lodged by the security guard against Nedim and his bodyguard.

It was said that Nedim, driving his Porsche into the condominium, had refused to alight from his car to register at the guard house. Upon being told that he should also register, despite his accompanying bodyguard’s claim that Nedim was a “royalty”, both Nedim and the bodyguard allegedly grabbed the security guard before assaulting him.

News of the assault not only led to calls for a transparent investigation by the police, but also fuelled speculation over why Nazri had earlier come out strongly against a proposal by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to have cabinet members and their families declare their wealth.

A quick check by Harakahdaily on the internet revealed a set of photographs of Nedim, some in compromising situations, published on various sites. Their authenticity has yet to be verified.

One website,, dedicated to the expensive hobby of motorsports, shows Nedim emerging with his father on January 8 at an event in Kuala Lumpur to celebrate the participation of Aylezo Motorsports – of which Nedim is its principal – in a motorsports race in Abu Dhabi.

Rights lawyer and PKR vice president N Surendran, who earlier blasted Wan Abdul Bari’s clearance to Nazri’s son, has urged the MACC to investigate the sources of funds for the Porsche and luxury MPV used by Nedim and his bodyguards respectively.

“While the public are suffering from low wages and rising prices, BN leaders and their families have accumulated enormous wealth by virtue of their government positions and political influence …The existence of this super-rich Umno-BN elite exposes the insincerity of the Prime Minister’s promises of reform and change,” said Surendran.

Wan Abdul Bari, who is in charge of the Brickfields police, is also known as someone who could not keep his cool in public. In 2009, he instructed the arrest of twenty candlelight vigil participants and lawyers gathered outside the Brickfields police station. Video clips of the incident are available on YouTube, showing an irate Wan Abdul Bari venting out his anger and yelling at members of the public, repeatedly screaming “Tangkap! Tangkap!”