Bersih 3.0 to stage sit-in protest on April 28

Seeking reforms: Samad (centre) flanked by Ambiga and Bersih committee member Hishamuddin Rais at the press conference to announce the protest. 
(The Star) – Bersih 2.0 will hold a sit-in protest at Dataran Merdeka from 2pm to 4pm on April 28, its co-chairman Datuk A. Samad Said said here.

The protest, called Bersih 3.0 Duduk Bantah (sit-in protest), will be carried out nationwide and worldwide to register the disappointment over the authorities’ alleged lack of commitment towards electoral reforms.
Samad, who is the co-chairman, said the protest would be a time for reflection for all Malaysians on the kind of legacy and future they want for the next generation.
Meanwhile, group co-chairman Datuk S. Ambiga said the demands were for the Election Commission (EC) to resign, clean up the electoral process and allow international observers to monitor the polls.
On the Parliamentary Select Committee’s (PSC) report on electoral reforms, she said some of their recommendations were good but they did not look into electoral fraud.
She said election offences and postal voting were not adequately addressed in the report.
Ambiga said the organisers will discuss with the police to ensure that the protest would run smoothly.
“We will be the first to hand anyone who misbehaves to the police,” she said.