Nalla reports threat over claims against Anwar

He says this was the latest in a series of intimidating actions against him since he spoke about the opposition leader’s alleged indiscretions.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Senator KS Nallakaruppan today lodged a police report over a threatening letter that he said he received yesterday from an anonymous person who took offence at his allegations against Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

“It is a warning to me and my lawyer, Mohd Shafee Abdullah,” he told reporters after making the report at the Sentul police station.

“The writer asked how dare I was to accuse Anwar of being a bisexual.”

He also said the letter, written in English, insulted him with the word “pariah”.

Nallakaruppan, who leads the Malaysian Indian United Party, said this was the latest in a series of threats he had received since he made a statement about Anwar’s sexuality last month.

He said the envelope bore his address at Parliament but the postman delivered it to his house in Bukit Tunku.

Nalla was accompanied to the police station by several members of his party and the Malay rights group Perkasa.

He said this was his second police report about the threats. “Last week two people stopped my car and threatened me.”

He gave reporters a piece of new detail about Anwar’s alleged indiscretions, identifying Shamsidar Taharin as the woman he referred to last month as the wife of a politician who had had sexual relations with the opposition leader.

Shamsidar is married to Azmin Ali, PKR’s deputy president.