Cakap cakap….At 3.19 a.m. Wednesday morning.



Nothing is sacred. Nothing is kosher. No limits. The Internet is borderless. The Internet is fearless. It could be faceless and nameless too. It takes anonymity for granted. And behind this façade you are at liberty to say whatever you want, to who ever you want at anytime you want. The high and mighty can no longer hide behind their power and their money. Anything can be hurled against their person without any regard for truth or authenticity.

It is a brave person who today stands for public office for they are putting themselves into the public domain – where for any perceived indiscretion they will be called to account and for any moral or ethical failings they will be savaged. All this done at arms length by the legion of bloggers, foes, self interest and self appointed guardians of our society whose avowed intentions it is to keep those political bastards honest….so they say!    

For some of you that makes your comment under the guise of anon on what we write you then become one of those faceless digit within this digital world able to have your say without revealing your self to us. We who publish under our own right tell ourselves publish and be damm…….and we certainly will be damm by those that take umbrage of what we write. 

As a blogger of about four years standing I self publish my thoughts and my take on issues that moves me. Mostly in politics and the antics of those that profess to practice one of the most ancient of all arts. Some mischievously allude that politics as done in Malaysia is a close cousins of the other most ancient of profession in the world. In both, money is the currency that moves the participants to do what they do. In politics politicians sell their soul for power to make money. In the other ancient profession, they too sell themselves for money. What separate the two professions are its participants. In Politics the male dominates….in the other females …but I digress too much.

In what I write I seek to engage you in rational debate on the things that matters to us. Politics is one.

Today a battle rages over those that support BN and those that do not. And those that do not are factionalised into those that want DSAI as PM and those that do not. A third force has surfaced but until now it still lacks the ability to play any spoiler role between BN or PR. It exist in the imagination of many who hopes against hope that this third faction will make a difference – and that is how it will remain for now – just a hope bereft of coherence in what it seeks to be or do in the balances of power in Malaysian politics. 

The reason anyone do or do not support DSAI as PM no longer seems to matter. Each DSAI supporter is no longer taking any calls from anybody that might seek to change their stand. Their commitment to DSAI’s aspiration to oust UMNO from government is total to the point that they brook no dissent or debate.

When you think of how DSAI is able to still command such passionate support despite all that has been hurled at him you cannot but give him your respect – even if it is grudgingly given. He survives against all odds. He has taken more than his fair share of abuse and vitriol from his unworthy political opponent – UMNO.  Nothing seems to be able to bring him down or keep him down despite all indications that points to his coming political demise. But DSAI insists that his coming political demise has been greatly exaggerated. Sodomy two was proof of his charmed existence – so who could fault him for thinking that it is so? 

Now my question to you all is this. If DSAI opponent is unworthy then is DSAI worthy of our unqualified support? Before you go ballistic at my gall in questioning DSAI worthiness, just consider this. There are many unbelievers out there. You need to win them over…hell you even need to win me over to your cause! So how do we start?     

Civilized debate, respect for each other’s arguments and a willingness to listen and hear what each other say could be the place to start.

Do any of you care to disagree with me if I say that PKR is now facing it’s darkest hours? Rather then being ready to face UMNO in the coming 13th general election PKR is fighting for its very survival? And yet the refrain is that it always is darkest before the dawn!

PKR has to contend with attacks from without and it also has problems within itself – problems of loyalties and commitment from its own members that has manifest itself through defections of its elected representatives to benefit the BN coalition. The long knives are drawn as PKR begins its selection process for candidates to represent them in the 13th general election. Acutely mindful of the many defections of its elected representatives DSAI and his team will not want the same thing to repeat itself. PKR can withstand attacks from without but betrayal from within will not be tolerated. PKR can try to select the right candidates but no party is immune from defections. Not UMNO, not MCA not MIC – and certainly not PKR! How many of UMNO’s past president have elected to denounce their UMNO membership? To date Dato Onn, Tunku and Mahathir and counting.

What worries DSAI are the sleeper within those PKR candidates vying for selection. These are those who seek to stand as candidates under PKR’s banner but are in reality sleepers/Trojan horses who are just waiting to be activated by their BN political masters to create havoc and damage PKR’s political balance by defecting after they have taken their place amongst PKR MP’s elect. These are the people most held in contempt by any political organization and PKR is no exception. 

There are those within PKR inner circle that have been asked by DSAI to pledge a personal commitment that they will remain faithful to DSAI no matter what. The Sec Gen of PKR is one of them. Not that DSAI does not trust him – but to DSAI that promise from the Sec Gen that he will remain loyal to DSAI (not PKR!) is comforting in an organization where its leaders sees enemies everywhere they turn, even within their own party –and this paranoia can only be exorcised by being able to count on personal loyalty rather then loyalty to party! 

In this atmosphere no wonder there is an inevitable air of doom and gloom within PKR’s members.