Nazri bashed for rebuking MACC Deputy Chief


(Malaysian Digest) – Puchong member of parliament Gobind Singh Deo chided de facto law minister  Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz for describing a Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) MACC deputy chief Shukri Abdull as “weak”, reported Malaysiakini.

“Is this the attitude of our PM’s Department? When a complaint is made, you threaten them,” Gobind said during the policy stage debate of the Mediation Bill, during the second reading in the House yesterday.

Quoting reports by the news portal on Shukri’s statement and Nazri’s rebuke, the parliamentarian said that such behavior from a minister in the Prime Minister’s Department was unbecoming of the institution and by adjunct the Malaysian justice system.

“Why do you think that we need a Mediation Bill to settle cases. It is because people have no confidence in our system.

“I stand for the police and the MACC officers, asking you about this now, even though, before this, we (the opposition) have been accused of deriding them,” he said, asking the minister to respond.

Gobind argued that the perception of the public towards the institutions of justice and law enforcement was currently at the lowest ebb.

He was quoting Malaysiakini exposes on allegations of collusion between a former IGP and a serving AG to victimize police officers and the apparent involvement of an underworld figure in the promotions of police officers.

Nazri was reported to have chastised Shukri for allegedly complaining that the attorney-general’s chambers had refused to charge graft suspects investigated by the commission.

Gobind’s questioning raised the ire of Barisan Nasional (BN) backbencher and Kota Belud MP Rahman Dahlan  who stood up applying Standing Order 36(12).

He claimed that the Malaysiakini report on Shukri was not accurate, saying that he was also at the event where the MACC deputy chief reportedly made the claim that the AG Chambers returned many of their cases headlining them as ‘no case’.

“Datuk Shukri did not say that, I was there,” said Rahman, saying that he had made it known to aMalaysiakini reporter about what he claimed was the portal’s inaccurate reporting.

Gobind responded by saying that the issue was not on what Shukri did or did not say per se, but on Nazri’s response to it.

Rahman tried to intervene again but this time Gobind did not give way, saying that Rahman does not know what he was talking about.