Message to religious hatemongers in Malaysia

Know your history before spreading hatred

Dr. Azly Rahman

JOHOREANS WAKE UP !! … why not listen to more talk on the continuity of the message of monotheism, piety, patience, and love, instead of trapped in a nonsense called the “threat of Christianization”? When are we going to learn about peaceful messages and find similarities rather than propagate hate and absurdities? Bankrupt are the politicians … for they are the warmongers … blessed are the peacemakers. 

Those in Malaysia yelling on the “threat of Christianization,” this is what the early Muslims owe the Christians … and did not Prophet Muhamammad, upon receiving the first revelation of “Iqra ..” , was brought by Khadijah to Waraqah ibn Nufail asking the pious and learned Christian man to validate what is being said about the coming of Muhammad in the Bible? Know your history before spreading hatred … or, are those Muslims spreading hatred in Johor simply in denial of the idea of universal truth …? Wage peace, not war … else we’ll see more church burning, dragging of cowhead, pig’s head thrown into masjids .. all these probably done by well-paid punks and those Mat Rempits used well as Malaysia’s newest Hitlerian Youth groups.

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