“Abdul Kadir Played Money Politics Too”

(Malaysian Digest) – Blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin has accused Tan Sri Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir of being a hypocrite, claiming that the former Umno leader had also “played ‘money politics’ when he was in Umno”.

“The truth is, Kadir himself is guilty of the same thing that he accuses Umno of. He too played ‘money politics’ when he was in Umno ‘Lama’,” Raja Petra said in his latest blogpost published on Malaysia Today yesterday.

“I even know who gave him (Abdul Kadir) the money. It was a Chinese business tycoon. I was there in the next room when he came to the office of that Chinese business tycoon back in the 1980s to collect the money. I even shook his hands and said hello,” said Raja Petra.

The blogger also dared Abdul Kadir to challenge him to reveal who the business tycoon who allegedly gave him (Abdul Kadir) the money.

“Does he (Abdul Kadir) want me to name the place and the Chinese business tycoon who gave him the money? I can if he wants me to. I can even name the Chinese lady who had to ‘look after him’ in his visit to the office of the Chinese business tycoon.”

Abdul Kadir resigned from Umno on March 19 after 56 years in the ruling party.

He created stir in January when he claimed that Umno had handed out RM200 to RM1,000 to voters in previous elections in exchange for votes.

The former minister had said that he has not ruled out joining Pakatan Rakyat.

It is reported that Abdul Kadir, who was Umno supreme council member, said many top leaders in PKR, PAS and the DAP, who were his “close friends”, had asked him to join the opposition pact but said he had yet to make a decision on the matter.

Raja Petra, however, said, “It is said he wanted to join the opposition, in particular PKR, but since no one invited him he had no choice but to announce that he did not want to join PKR but will continue his ‘struggle’ through an NGO.”

“Today, Kadir is telling us that Umno is corrupt. Umno is evil. Umno bribes the voters. Umno is involved in ‘money politics’. But Umno has always been doing this even when it was known as Umno ‘Lama’.

“It (Umno) also did this when it was called Umno ‘Baru’. And Kadir was a member and leader/Minister of both these Umnos. So why talk about it now? When Kadir left Semangat 46 to join (or rejoin) Unmo, he already knew very well that Umno plays ‘money politics’. He did not discover this just today,” said Raja Petra.