Former T’ganu MB among recipients of one-hectare land

(HarakahDaily) – Former Terengganu menteri besar Idris Jusoh along with four UMNO elected representatives in the state are among the recipients of one-hectare lands dished out by the UMNO-led state government, revealed state PAS commissioner Abdul Wahid Endut .

The Kuala Terengganu member of parliament made good his promise to expose UMNO leaders whom obtained lands around Pantai Dendong, short-changing local residents in Besut.

Wahid, who first announced on March 18 that he had documents to prove his allegation that UMNO leaders were easily given lands at strategic locations, made the expose following the challenge by present Terengganu MB Ahmad Said to reveal the names.

Besides Idris, who is also the current Jerteh state assemblyman, Besut MP Abdullah Md Zain, Hulu Besut and Kota Putera state assemblymen Nawi Mohamad and Muhamad Pehimi Yusof were named as the recipients, each getting one hectare plot of lands coded PT6902, PT6964, PT6904 and PT6903 respectively along the Besut beach.

Wahid also named Karzan Che Mat, the Batu Rakit state assemblyman, who was awarded one hectare of land in his own constituency in Setiu at lot PT30794.

The expose, said Wahid, was just the tip of his of exposes on how Terengganu state UMNO leaders had been taking lands for themselves.

“We will not reveal everything. We will do like the exposure on National Feedlot Corporation (NFC),” said Wahid, referring to PKR’s gradual revelations of massive financial abuses by the family of Wanita UMNO chief, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.

“We want to see their reactions. We will debate this again at the Terengganu state assembly sitting between April 23 to 26,” he said.