Security guard alleges assault by Nazri’s son

Mohamad Nedim Mohd Nazri Aziz

(Malaysiakini) – The son of de facto law minister Nazri Abdul Aziz was alleged to have assaulted a security supervisor at a plush condominium at Mont Kiara on Tuesday night.

Contacted today, Brickfields district police chief Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid confirmed the that two police reports related to the incident had been lodged.

“The case has been classified under section 160 of the Penal Code committing affray,” he said, declining to divulge details of the case.

NONEA condominium management spokesperson confirmed that there had been a minor altercation between the security and the visitor, adding that further comments should be directed to the police.

A source, familiar with the incident, told Malaysiakini that the alleged assault was captured on CCTV cameras.

Cover up pressure on

The individual added that the condominium management was now under pressure to cover up the incident because security firms depend on the federal government to renew their licence.

The minister’s son is said to be Mohamad Nedim Mohd Nazri Aziz (right), who drove a Porsche sports car to the condominium. Followed by a luxury MPV, driven by his bodyguard.

The bodyguard had alighted from the luxury MPV to have his particulars recorded on behalf of both vehicles, but the condominium guards insisted that both drivers do so separately.

An argument ensued, resulting in the supervisor being called in to mediate the situation.

“The bodyguard claimed that the person in the Porsche was a ‘Tengku (royalty)’, but the supervisor explained that they had to register each driver because of the regulations set by the management,” said the source.

This apparently angered Nedim who alighted from his vehicle and allegedly choked the supervisor’s neck before landing a punch on his head.

“The supervisor could not fight back as he was being held by the bodyguard,” claimed the source.

NONENazri’s calling card

The supervisor, in his 50s, suffered bruises. He lodged a police report at the Jalan Travers police station the same night after undergoing checks at a hospital.

Meanwhile, the source said Nedim’s bodyguard had lodged a police report on his boss’s behalf at the same police station.

He claimed to have handed over Nazri’s (left) calling card from the Prime Minister’s Department.

The bodyguard, said to have identified himself as Nedim’s employee to the police, admitted engaging in an altercation with the supervisor, because of the latter’s rude behaviour.

He had allegedly told the police that the supervisor punched him first and later challenged him to a fight.

He also told the police that during the fracas, he floored the supervisor with a kick to the guts, adding that the supervisor then sucker punched him in the face.