PKR taking more beatings in Sabah

Sabah PKR is ‘lying through their teeth’ just to maintain their dignity, claims a Keningau division leader, who along with a few hundred members quit the party. 

(Free Malaysia Today) – It looks like there is no let up in the series off beatings suffered by PKR in Sabah.

After the exodus of 300 leaders and members from its Sepangar division two weeks ago, now members in PKR’s Keningau sector in the interior of Sabah are also leaving the party to join the Sabah chapter of the State Reform Party (STAR).

According to PKR Keningau’s former deputy chief, Melvin Jaikul, the peninsula-based opposition party was ‘misleading the people in the interior’.

“Those who tried to mislead the people in the interior that PKR still commands respect there, take it from me – they are lying.

“I myself as the elected deputy head of PKR for Keningau division have quit together with the majority of the elected divisional committee members.

“Among those who have also left the party are the former division vice chief Daniel Palangi and information chief, Salim Nair.

“Others in the divisional line-up who have also been disillusioned and left are Fred Aliun, Dominic Liew, Adrian Mikin and Alex Amik to mention a few,” he said adding that several members from its Youth and women’s wings had also quit PKR.

He said PKR was now severelly crippled with more than 2,000 members having since quit to join the STAR led by Dr Jeffrey Kitingan.

He urged the people in Keningau to understand that the few remaining PKR members there who keep mentioning that PKR in Keningau is intact are in fact ‘lying through their teeth’ just to maintain their dignity.

“What we see now is the need to fight for the rights and autonomy of Sabah under STAR.

“And we don’t see how PKR as a Malayan party can fulfill this aspiration which has now taken a grip on the hearts and minds of Sabahans.”

Meanwhile, STAR deputy president Daniel John Jambun, has urged PKR to review its position in Sabah, saying that Sepanggar and Keningau exoduses were not unique.

“More exoduses are already taking place in many constituencies and this will be announced soon. It is obvious PKR is becoming more and more irrelevant in Sabah. It needs to  understand that its competitive advantage is eroding fast.” he said.